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Jewish Dog of the Month: Smushy!

Sarah: What is your name? Smushy: My full legal name is Smushy Bagels Weinberg. Also known as Smush, The Smush, Smushala, SmushSmush, Smushybear, Lil’ Smush. Sometimes people think my name is Smoosh, but I’m ok with it. Sarah: How did you get to DC? Smushy: I moved here from Los Angeles! First my mommy moved […]

Jewish Cat of the Month: Golda Meow

Sarah: What is your name? Golda: My name is Golda Meow, but you can just call me Golda. I was named in homage to the illustrious Golda Meir.  I like to think I live up to her visionary legacy, don’t you? I can see in the dark, after all.  Sarah: What’s your favorite way to […]

Jewish Dog of the Month: Zuli!

Want to nominate your awesome doggy (or cat!) to be featured? Email Sarah Brennan and let her know. Sarah: What is your name? Zuli: My full name is Zuli “Thumper” Jebodiah Brown. Please don’t ask questions. I was not involved. Sarah:  Where did your name come from? Zuli: My mom and dad (AKA: Rebecca and Alex) were […]

Jewish Cat of the Month: Chloe!

Chloe is ready for her closeup. Meet the Jewish CAT of the Month, daughter to GatherDC’s very own Office Manager Julie Thompson! Got a cat (or dog) of your own who deserves a shot at internet fame? Send Allie Friedman an email at allisonf@gatherdc.org. #PurBabyPur Sarah: What is your name? Chloe: My name is Chloe, although my mom, […]

Jewish Dog of the Month: Tabitha!

Due to the overwhelming response to our “Jewish Dog of the Month” feature, we are excited to announce that we will now be showcasing adorable pups EVERY OTHER WEEK! Email Allie Friedman to nominate your favorite dog (or cat!) . This month, we say *WOOF WOOF* to Marcy Spiro‘s beloved pup, Tabitha.    Sarah: What is […]

Jewish Dog of the Month: Bailey

This tiny-pawed puppy is on a mission to brighten the days of every Jewish young adult across the DMV, one tail wag at a time.  Oh, and Bailey wanted us to give a huge “MAWWZEL TOV!” to her parents on their recent engagement, and hopes to walk down the aisle at their wedding. Oh, and […]