Jewish Dog of the Month: Smushy!

by Sarah Brennan / October 3, 2018


Sarah: What is your name?

Smushy: My full legal name is Smushy Bagels Weinberg. Also known as Smush, The Smush, Smushala, SmushSmush, Smushybear, Lil’ Smush. Sometimes people think my name is Smoosh, but I’m ok with it.

Sarah: How did you get to DC?

Smushy: I moved here from Los Angeles! First my mommy moved to Maryland while I went to Dallas, our hometown, to stay with my grandparents. (They love me. Like, a lot.) Once mommy moved into the city, we went in the sky and then I saw mommy and became a DC girl!

Sarah: What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?

Smushy: This is a toughie. In June, though, on a train to Baltimore, the little girl next to us said she’s never met a dog in her life that’s as cute as me, and bet there wasn’t any dog in the whole entire universe with a cuter face than mine. Maybe ‘cause it’s so smushy? But I thought that was really nice.

Sarah: If a genie could grant you 3 wishes, what would they be?

Smushy: Ooh, a genie! Ready? Clearly, I haven’t thought about this at all.

1) A big, giant, fenced, super-green park, just for me. (Was hoping to avoid this topic, because #firstimpressions, but I can be really shy and am nervous around other dogs.)

2) Endless cheese, cream cheese, chicken, salmon, apples…Maybe peanut butter. Strawberries. Omelettes. I’m getting hungry.

3) The third wish would be for no more hardwood floors in my world. I’m really not a fan of surface changes. It’s a thing. Sometimes I trip and fall, or will psych myself out and trip over my own paws. It may look cute, but no thanks. It’s scurry. Sometimes even tile is scary. Why can’t all floors just be carpet? Ugh.

Sarah: What’s your favorite Jewish holiday and why?

Smushy: This is crazy challenging, ‘cause I loove being a Jewish dog. One of my favorite toys is a stuffed dreidel I play with all year long. I love Chanukah, partly because it’s really funny (hilarious, actually) to listen to Mommy sing the blessings all by herself. Ha! I like to stare at her and tilt my head ‘til she laughs and lifts me to see the menorah. Sometimes I try to sing with her, or we’ll video-chat my grandparents to light the candles.

Rosh Hashanah is also a fave. The second I hear mommy start to cut up apples, I make a MAD DASH to the kitchen. I love, love apples. And mommy thinks my apple-crunching technique is precious perfection, so it’s a win-win.

Can we talk about PASSOVER? It’s extra fun if we go back home to Dallas for Seder. I get to sit under mommy’s chair and see my fam, plus there’s all this space to run around and play. Everyone tells me how cute I am, and sometimes they even drop their food just for me! I also have a Passover friend who lives there…Squeaky Frog. My favorite part, though, is the Passover cheesecake. Omg. Guys. If you’ve never had this cheesecake, are you even really living? I look forward to my couple bites all year long. Also, once I got to taste a matzah ball, and cinnamon apple farfel kugel.

Ok last, but not least, there’s Shabbat. However, disclaimer: Sometimes I’m alone – which I do not understand. Liike, have you seen my face? Have you met me? How could you not invite me?

Anyway, I like Shabbat when we share it. I love when mommy cooks and has friends over because she lets me sit at the table after like I’m one of the girls. Sometimes boys come over too. I’m way more open to meeting people here in DC than in LA. Maybe it’s ‘cause mommy’s friends here are so awesome.

Sarah: I get most excited when…

Smushy: Mommy gives me delicious food or when she refills my water bowl. I twirl around in circles really, really fast cause I’m so excited. Also, when I see someone I love who I haven’t seen in a while. I go crazy! I seriously get SO happy.


Sarah: My biggest fear is….

Smushy: Oh dear. Loaded question. The obvious answer would be thunderstorms, but I’m actually quite fearful of maybe most things.

We’ll start with sounds. Loud noises, not-so-loud noises…especially buses and large trucks. Occasionally I’ll decide the sound of the washing machine is absolutely terrifying. Also, if it’s really peaceful, and someone coughs or sneezes outta nowhere? Ah!

Then, other dogs, especially if I am in a room with a barker. Doesn’t matter if it’s a German Shepherd or a 6-lb. maltese, sometimes I’ll start to tremble. What else? When I see Mommy pick up my brush…..I’ll run the other way. If we’re on a walk and a leaf blows my way, sometimes it startles me. Gotta watch out for those killer leaves.

With so many fears, my mom says I’m really special. I am who I am.

(But if you’re a dog whisperer reading this, I’d really love to meet you. Just in case there’s still hope.)

Sarah: What is your spirit animal?

Smushy: Maybe my light purple dinosaur pillow? I don’t really understand the question.

smushy dog


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