Jewish Stuff

Jewish Learning Resources

American Jewish World Service: global justice through a Jewish lens 
Ask Big Questions
: spice up your conversations
: text studies
Jewish Women's Archive: learn and teach more about Jewish women with primary and secondary sources
Keshet: Jewish LGBTQIA learning
Mechon Hadar: Torah library - divided into categories
National Day of Unplugging: no screens, new friendships
Pardes: great resources for Jewish learning
Reboot Passover Guides: new and unique ways to engage with the holiday
Repair the World: run your own service project
Sefaria: a guide to all Jewish texts
10Q: dig deeper into Jewish learning during the High Holidays

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Ritual Stuff

Havdalah happens every Saturday: We have a set to bring in the new week. Email us to borrow it!

Borrow our pre- and post-meal blessing sheets so everyone can be on the same page. Literally.

Other Stuff

Do you want to borrow a table and some chairs to make your dinner less millennial? We've got you covered. Email us and we can help.

We also have a library! Rent our books.

Ask Stuff

Need something we don't have? Have questions about Judaism? Just looking for a sounding board? Email us! We'd love to help you.