What is GatherDC?

GatherDC helps thousands of young adults across the DC-area find their people and place in our Jewish community. We are the one-stop-shop for everything 20s and 30s need to live their best Jewish life in DC. Whether you’re looking for Jewish events, people, synagogues, housing, jobs, rabbis, kosher food, or anything in between – we connect you.   


Why Do We Gather?

– We envision a future where every Jewish 20- and 30-something finds a lasting, compelling connection to Judaism.

How Do We Gather?

– We form personal relationships with thousands of 20s/30s and introduce them to a vast network of DC-area young adults.

– We provide a comprehensive online list of local events, jobs, kosher food, housing, rabbis and more that make it easy for thousands of young adults to find their fit in the Jewish community.

– We create curated experiences to reach uninvolved young adults across Jewish DC.

– We meet young Jewish adults where they are, regardless of their future plans for marriage, children, or synagogue.

– We lead thought-provoking Jewish learning experiences that inspire a meaningful connection to Judaism.

– We serve as the pulse of the community, connection 20s/30s to the Jewish life that is right for them.

What Does Our Community Say?

“I am quite certain that without GatherDC’s efforts, we would lose people who may be skeptical or not interested in being a part of Jewish life. GatherDC is a model organization for engagement with Judaism and the Jewish community.” – Tiffany

“It’s not lost on me how many of my amazing insights, experiences, and friendships in DC are owed to the hard work that GatherDC does, and that young adults across DC, including myself, get to benefit from it.” – Sarah

“I am so grateful that GatherDC exists. I am a walking example of the difference Gather makes in people’s lives every single day. If you are looking to make connections, expand your mind, discuss important issues with people, come to Gather” – Bryan

“When I moved to DC, I was overwhelmed by how to get involved. Through GatherDC, I’ve met most of my friends, gained the foundation to be a leader, and have found my home in Washington.” – Daniel

What Do We Expect?

We are deeply dedicated to creating a culture of inclusivity, compassion, and respect across the DC Jewish community. It’s up to all of us to achieve this. We expect that as a participant at a GatherDC experience or member of our online community, you will treat each and every person with kindness. 

We have zero tolerance for bullying, harassment, illegal activity, hate speech, violence, spam, abusive or threatening behavior of any kind. We have the right to remove you from our event or online community at our discretion if we feel that you are violating our Community Guidelines. If you feel that someone is violating these guidelines, please tell us at info@gatherdc.org or 202-656-0743.