Why do we gather?

We envision a future where Jewish life adds unique value to every Jewish 20- and 30-something in the DMV.

How do we gather?

We form personal relationships with thousands of 20s and 30s and introduce them to a vast network of DC-area young adults.

We create curated experiences to reach young adults across the Jewish DMV, particularly for folks seeking more personally relevant ways to engage with their Jewishness.

We lead thought-provoking Jewish learning experiences that inspire a relevant, active, and meaningful connection to Judaism.

We meet young Jewish adults where they are, regardless of their future plans for marriage, children, or synagogue.

We serve as the pulse of the community, connecting 20s and 30s to the Jewish life that is right for them.

We provide a comprehensive online list of local events, jobs, kosher food, housing, rabbis and more that make it easy for young adults to find their fit in the Jewish community.

What are community members saying?

I felt such a sense of community that I have been longing for. I have already hung out with the friends I made through Gather DC multiple times!” – 20s Mini Gathering Participant, May 2022

I had a blast! Thank you so much for creating a special place to feel connected with fellow Jews amid the hustle and bustle!” – Happy Hour Attendee, November 2022

“I walked away with a real sense of starting anew, a consideration for where I am coming from, and where I want to go from here.  I also think it helped me feel connected to my Jewish identity in a day to day world where I don’t constantly feel those ties.” – Alt YK Attendee,  October 2022

Meet the Team

Alexandra Tureau
Rabbi Ilana Zietman
Noa Nir
Ava Gurman
Melanie Schaeffer
Samuel Milligan
Amelia Cavalier
Mary King

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Submit an incident report

GatherDC strives to be and build a community guided by the values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. We know it is imperative that we make space for all Jewish young adults across the DMV so they can meaningfully discover authentic Jewish identity and find lasting Jewish community—and we know that that is not possible when the community we create does not feel like a place where everyone can safely show up as they are.

If you or someone you know experienced an incident of hate, bias, or harassment perpetrated by a Gather staff member, lay leader, or community member that has caused or may cause harm as a result of engaging with the GatherDC community, we invite you to file an incident report so that we may appropriately address the incident, and ensure Gather can be a space for all Jews to show up as they are and build deep, lasting community.