Learning Cohorts

We want to ensure that every Jewish person can access Jewish life that is relevant, active, and meaningful to them. To do this, we offer regular learning cohorts which are inclusive, engaging, and people-centered. Each cohort, facilitated by our Community Rabbi and/or another GatherDC staffer, runs for a series of 3-4 weeknight sessions and is followed by a social gathering like a Shabbat dinner. 

The idea behind our signature cohort experience is that you’ll build on content and conversations, get to know your peers and our staff (and we’ll get to know you, too) and really learn something new together. The content is deeply Jewish, reflecting a variety of Jewish perspectives, and is suitable for newbies and veteran learners alike (truly, we pride ourselves on expertly facilitating mixed learner classes!). 

Here are some examples: 

Mini Gatherings: Over the course of five sessions (including four weeknight gatherings and a Shabbat dinner), GatherDC’s Mini Gatherings will support each participant in exploring and personalizing their own Jewish identities and finding connections to local Jewish life, including meeting peers and making new friends in the area. 

Holiday Deep Dives: In order to make the most meaning out of Jewish holidays, GatherDC offers deep dives into the major themes, rituals, and existential questions that our incredibly deep holidays contain.

Giving Circles: To put Jewish values into action, our Giving Circles explore the Jewish concept of tzedakah and what makes it a unique form of giving. Participants pool shared resources and collectively decide how to make a difference in our community. 

Other Learning Experiences: Every year, GatherDC offers a cohort based on where people (and the world) are. Past examples include Jewish Ritual Bootcamp, Dialogue Across Difference, Interfaith Couples Cohort, Examining Antisemitism Cohort, and Bad Jews Book Club. 

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