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New Year, New Rabbis

Ah 5779. A new, fresh number to mark the start of a beautiful year ahead. A year when politicians will finally discover harmony across the aisles, weather will be consistent for more than two days in a row, and celebrities will wait longer than one month before getting engaged. Okay, fine. Most likely, none of […]


Welcome to DC, Pearl’s Bagels!

Jews and bagels go together like peanut butter and jelly. Also, like PB&J, bagels and schmear are always quickly and completely devoured with only some crumbs, and sticky fingers, remaining. While people have strong opinions about peanut butter (crunchy vs. creamy, natural vs. Skippy, and of course all the alternative nuts out there), ask a […]


Spotted in Jewish Chicago: ChiTribe!

This week, ChiTribe is launching into the Windy City! This GatherDC-inspired organization is making it easier for young adults in Chicago’s huge Jewish community to connect to Jewish life. We scored an interview with co-founders Sam Getz-Sheftel (who just so happens to be a former GatherDC Open Doors Fellow) and Rebecca Joey Schwab. Side note: […]

yom kippur

GatherDC’s Alternative Yom Kippur 2018

GatherDC invites Jewish and Jew-curious 20s + 30s across DC to celebrate Yom Kippur together. We’re hosting a range of alternative Yom Kippur experiences in non-traditional spaces to make it easy for Jewish young adults to reflect and observe this holiday in a fun and meaningful way.  We invite you to choose one – or […]

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God’s Preferred Pronoun

Women have won a record number of primaries this summer, which has “led to more focus on the underrepresentation of women in public office.” Although there are many factors contributing to this problem, I wonder if God is partially to blame. Not God, per se, but the way we conceive of and talk about God. The […]