Please support GatherDC to transform the lives of thousands of Jewish 20s and 30s.

It’s not lost on me how many of my amazing insights, experiences, and friendships in DC are owed to the hard work that GatherDC does, and that young adults across DC, including myself, get to benefit from it.


I am so grateful that GatherDC exists. I am a walking example of the difference Gather makes in people’s lives every single day. If you are looking to make connections, expand your mind, discuss important issues with people, come to Gather


I am quite certain that without GatherDC’s efforts, we would lose people who may be skeptical or not interested in being a part of Jewish life. GatherDC is a model organization for engagement with Judaism and the Jewish community.


When I moved to DC, I was overwhelmed by how to get involved. Through GatherDC, I’ve met most of my friends, gained the foundation to be a leader, and have found my home in Washington.



Yes, your gift actually makes a difference.


$18 connects several young adults to one another and to Jewish life over coffee.

$72 provides alternative Jewish holiday experiences for those looking to connect in a unique, meaningful way.

$180 supports the next generation of Jewish leaders with high quality professional development, and a space for collaboration and networking.

$360 makes it possible for a young adult to experience a lifechanging weekend retreat where they can explore Jewish identity with their peers.

$500 enables a Jewish young professional to be a part of a fellowship where they are trained to become an ambassador of Jewish life.

$1,800 engages 20s and 30s at inspiring, year-round learning sessions with our community rabbi.


More about what we do


GatherDC helps thousands of Jewish young adults across DC find their people and their place in Jewish life.

At a time when many young adults are not connecting with institutional religious life, GatherDC is here to ensure that the next generation finds their people and their place in Jewish DC. We connect Jewish 20s and 30s to each other, engage them in the Jewish community, and facilitate their development of meaningful, adult Jewish identities. Regardless of their beliefs or backgrounds, GatherDC makes it easy for Jewish (and Jew-curious) 20s and 30s discover a compelling connection to Judaism – however it works best for them. 

We do this by forming personal relationships with thousands of 20s and 30s, providing them with a slew of online resources, leading thought-provoking Jewish learning experiences, and connecting them to diverse networks of peers and Jewish organizations that meet them where they are. According to our 2018 Jewish Community Survey, hundreds of Jewish community members reported that because of GatherDC they have:

  • Discovered events in Jewish DC
  • Met a new Jewish friend
  • Attended Shabbat experiences in DC
  • Felt more at home in Jewish DC
  • Celebrated a Jewish holiday
  • Had a meaningful conversation about Judaism

We know that you have a lot of options when it comes to how you donate your resources, and we greatly appreciate anything you can give. Every single dollar goes directly to our work of inspiring young adults to find a unique, lasting connection to Judaism. GatherDC is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and your donation is tax-deductible. Please consider making a gift today, or reach out to Gather’s Executive Director Rachel Gildiner at or 609-605-2468 to discuss other opportunities to support GatherDC. Learn more