Advertising with GatherDC

GatherDC’s website, newsletter, and social media channels are excellent platforms through which to promote events, organizations, and experiences that may interest young Jewish adults in DC, Maryland, and NoVA – including Shabbat dinners, retreats, concerts, classes, services, holiday events, pop-up shops, galas, scholarships, fellowships, small businesses, and more.

We offer paid advertising through our newsletter, Instagram, and Facebook. To purchase an ad, reach out to our Communications Coordinator, Sam Milligan.


Delivered every Wednesday evening, our weekly newsletter reaches over 5,000 people all around the DMV, all of whom have affirmatively opted in. It keeps our highly engaged 20s and 30s community in-the-know with information about local Jewish events, weekly interviews with fellow DMV 20s and 30s, a snapshot of the upcoming week on our calendar, and more.

We offer newsletter feature ads for $25 per slot, with up to five slots available per week. Newsletter feature ads consist of a square image, 35-45 words of ad copy, and your preferred external link for additional details or registration. Slight edits to content may be made to best fit the formatting and style of the GatherDC newsletter.

Social Media

Our Instagram page has over 3,700 followers, and our Facebook page has over 6,000 followers. Most of our highly engaged followers are young adults in the DMV. In 2023, our Instagram page reached 36,000 people, and our Facebook page reached 45,000 people.

We offer ads on GatherDC’s Instagram and Facebook pages at the following rates:

  • Two Instagram Stories, posted twice within one work week: $25
    • What we need from you: An image for us to share (or an already-existing Instagram post for us to reshare) and a link to include in the Story
  • One Facebook Newsfeed post: $25
    • What we need from you: An image and copy for us to share (or an already-existing Facebook Event for us to reshare) and a link to include in the post

Slight edits to content may be made to best fit the formatting and style of the GatherDC Instagram and Facebook.

Advertising Policy

GatherDC features events, organizations, and topics based on editorial discretion. For guaranteed promotion, paid advertising is available. We delineate paid content as “Sponsored” or “Paid Ad” or “Ad” on our newsletter, blog, and on social media.  The views and opinions expressed by the organizations and individuals who advertise with GatherDC do not represent those of the organization GatherDC and/or any/all contributors to GatherDC. We reserve the right to refuse or terminate advertising to any advertiser that misleads, offends, engages in or depicts hateful speech, bullying, violence, illegal activity, drug use, or excessive drinking.

GatherDC does not promote one form of Judaism over the other and does not represent or endorse any political views as an organization. We accept submissions across the spectrum of political, religious, and philosophical differences. Advertising submissions that violate our policy will be rejected.

All ads are subject to the review and approval of GatherDC staff. We reserve the sole right to request modifications to any ad, and to reject or remove any ad that does not comply with our policy.

Why do we charge for advertising?

GatherDC charges for advertising because being an impartial organization in Jewish DC is essential to our mission. Charging for ads helps us ensure that we don’t prioritize one group, organization, event, or synagogue over the other (in addition to helping us raise much needed money for our organization). Before we charged for advertising, we had no way of discerning between which groups/events we would feature on our platforms besides who reached out and asked first and certainly could not feature them all. We felt this was not fair to our community members or the organizations we are trying to uplift. So, we include all calendar events on our website and in our newsletter free of charge as a way for organizations to promote their events fairly to community members, and separately charge for paid advertising for more significant features.

If our listed pricing is outside of your budget, we would be happy to work together to come up with a price that works better for you or your organization.

Advertising Analytics

GatherDC will provide you with advertising analytics when asked for this information. We track the open and click thru rate with ads placed in our newsletters, the viewership of ads and sponsored posts on our website, and the reach, impressions, and engagement with social media ads.

Contact us if you are interested in advertising or have additional questions!