Jewish Dog of the Month: Scruffy!

by Sarah Brennan / November 20, 2018


Sarah: What is your name?


Sarah: Where did your name come from?

Scruffy: Have you seen me? It’s the pawfect name for me with my wiry hair and my beard!

Sarah: How did you get to DC?

Scruffy: I got to DC by way of Lucky Dog Animal Rescue. I was a stray in South Carolina (can you believe that?!), and they picked me up and brought me to DC at three months old. I was only five pounds. (Now I’m a healthy 17 lbs, in case you were wondering.) I feel very lucky.


Sarah: What’s it like living with your owner?

Scruffy: Erika? She’s the best! I mean, she gives me Beggin’ Strips, leaves DogTV on when she goes out, and she sings Broadway show-tunes in her (ahem…our) room. Oh, and those belly rubs…

Sarah: What is your biggest pet peeve that your owner does?

Scruffy: Erika is a total night owl, and she leaves the light on until like 2 am! I need to get my beauty rest. She does let me sleep in, though, so it’s all good.

Sarah: If a genie could grant you 3 wishes, what would they be?

Scruffy: 1) For my my favorite dog that Erika fostered this year, Kiki, to come back. We had a special bond. 2) A chicken-scented blanket. 3) No more baths!

Sarah: What is your spirit animal?

Scruffy: I’ll go with a fox! Even though I’m small, I have a BIG personality (just ask the doggies I torment when Mom brings me to her WeWork office with her). Also, I always have something going on in my head.

Sarah: What’s your favorite Jewish holiday and why?

Scruffy: Passover. Umm… brisket leftovers. Need I say more?



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