Jewish Cat of the Month: Chloe!

by Sarah Brennan / August 2, 2018

Chloe is ready for her closeup. Meet the Jewish CAT of the Month, daughter to GatherDC’s very own Office Manager Julie Thompson! Got a cat (or dog) of your own who deserves a shot at internet fame? Send Allie Friedman an email at #PurBabyPur


Sarah: What is your name?

Chloe: My name is Chloe, although my mom, her boyfriend Dane, and my Aunt Natalie have a ton of nicknames for me – Chlo Rida, Chloesephina, Chlo Chlo, Chloodle… needless to say, I prefer Chloe.

Sarah: How did you get to DC?

Chloe: I was found wandering outside a Home Depot in Montgomery County (which is disgusting because I am entirely too beautiful to be wandering around parking lots) and my rescuer took me to Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center. I got my check-up (perfect health, obviously) and my mom adopted me within a day of my arrival! No surprises there – again, way too beautiful for the shelter scene.

We took a completely relaxing and not at all stressful ride down to Columbia Heights, and I’ve been there ever since! Well, except when Mom leaves me to go on one of her dumb trips. But, she always comes back for me 🙂


Sarah: What is your favorite food?

Chloe: I really like the Friskies Canned Prime Filets with Chicken (what? I have taste.), but the second I see even a speck of the bottom of my bowl peeking out between those delicious morsels, I’m done, Mom’s gotta mix it up or I’m not touching it. She thinks it’s so cute.

Sarah: What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?

Chloe: This might sound conceited but honestly, people can’t believe how beautiful and friendly I am when they meet me. Like, yes, I have super-model good looks, but I’m still really approachable, you know? I love meeting new friends and I have to say, I have a sparkling personality. I’ll do anything for those chin scratches.

Sarah: Who is your best friend?

Chloe: I’ll tell you who it is not my best friend. it is NOT my mom’s family’s EXTREMELY annoying dog. He is so obsessed with me. When Mom drops me off there – so she can go gallivant around the world – it is sooo annoying. He runs up acting like he wants to… play. Ugh. He couldn’t tell a feather wand from a laser pointer.

But other than Mom (because it’d be super lame to tell her she’s my best friend and she has no chill), my best friend is my Aunt Natalie. She keeps her room MUCH nicer than Mom does (messy much?) and it’s so cozy. I love curling up on her bed when they’re at work, and the nice combing she gives me every night while we’re all watching TV together.

Sarah: Finish this sentence – My biggest fear is….

Chloe: That one day, against all evidence to the contrary, Mom will leave one day and never come back. Every time she leaves, I like to hit her with the extra-wide kitty-cat eyes (we’ve all seen Shrek – you know the look) and I really lay it on thick. Hasn’t worked yet, but hey, a girl’s gotta try.

Sarah: What is your spirit animal?

Chloe: I assume you meant spirit human, because I AM an animal, in which case – April Ludgate. But spirit animal? A princess unicorn lioness. Regal, rare, and beautiful.

Sarah: What’s your favorite Jewish food?

Chloe: Two words: gefilte fish.





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