Who Were We in 2022?

by Samuel Milligan / January 3, 2023

The end of the year is always a bountiful time for those of us who love the never-ending scroll of the internet: the pop culture recaps reminding you that, yeah, that happened this year, best-of-_____ lists, Spotify Wrapped, in and out predictions, Twitter threads of unfortunate Main Characters, year-end reflections, pleasantly formatted and hyperlinked fun facts, what-I-got-wrongs, and so on and so on and so on. I’ll read every one I can get my eyeballs on. 

I will also not remember a single thing I read in the final week of December and first few hazy-brained days of the new year by, like, January 10th (apart from, maybe, the prevalence of parrot theft – I cannot imagine ever forgetting that). 

What I won’t forget, though, are the people who made 2022 a distinctly fulfilling and horizon-expanding year. It’s the same pattern over my entire life. There’s no way I can remember exactly what we read and learned in first grade – but I could never forget meeting the lifelong friends I made that year.

Guests at a Happy Hour laugh together.

Take it from Criminal MindsAgent Rossi: “[O]nly through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for a moment that we’re not alone.”

Take it from Ben Zoma: “Who is wise? One who learns from every person, as it is said: ‘From all who taught me have I gained understanding’”(Psalms 119:99).

Take it from Rabbi Hillel: “[W]hen I am for only myself, what am I?” (Pirkei Avot, Ethics of the Ancestors, 1:14). 

It is the people we gather to ourselves – whether for a moment of eye contact, a conversation, a coffee, a meal, a friendship, a partnership, or whatever else – who define the contours and courses of our lives. So as we embark on our 2023 journeys, let’s remember who we met together last year:

A group smiles, gathered around the GatherDC townhouse dining room table.

  1. A DMV a capella group that loves a good blend.
  2. An arts-lover and proud “Weird Oboe Girl.”
  3. A Rockville-born death doula. 
  4. A former Dracula, now at Theater J. 
  5. A service-focused data scientist.
  6. A card-making Jersey native. 
  7. A jazz-drumming Terp. 
  8. An acrobatic Moishe House resident. 
  9. A historical reenactor and 15th century Spain expert. 
  10. An animal lover and food systems reformer. 
  11. A bar boss and locally-focused mixologist. 
  12. A dedicated Shabbat dinner host. 
  13. A democracy advocate and walkability stan. 
  14. GatherDC’s Engagement Director!
  15. GatherDC’s Digital Content Manager!
  16. A teacher and hiking enthusiast. 
  17. An organizer and theatergoer.  Gather community members arranged in two rows smile at sunset.
  18. A routine-focused marketing strategist. 
  19. An Inbox Zero devotee. 
  20. A trained chef turned comedian. 
  21. An advocate for peanut butter on toast. 
  22. GatherDC’s Administrative Coordinator!
  23. A dog-fostering artist and pickleballer. 
  24. A saxophonist with plans to elevate. 
  25. GatherDC’s summer intern!
  26. A featured actor at Theater J.
  27. A reader and comedian.  Gather community members host a Seder.
  28. A cake architect. 
  29. An HR manager and Shabbat specialist. 
  30. A wild mushroom expert. 
  31. A book-loving, boxing baker. 
  32. GatherDC’s Salesforce Manager!
  33. A canine-loving, kayaking Canadian. 
  34. A law student with a passion for scooters. 
  35. A balloon artist. 
  36. A matzoh ball soup expert. 
  37. An innovative baker. 
  38. A hoops-loving traveler. 
  39. A DMV community support bakery. 
  40. A dog-loving menu creator. 
  41. GatherDC’s Communications Coordinator!
  42. A coffee-lover seeking wisdom. 
  43. A hiker embracing the unknown. 
  44. GatherBay’s Community Director!
  45. A basketball coach who knows the value of picking up the phone. 
  46. A DC-dweller unafraid to take a leap of faith. 
  47. A Gather group of burgeoning leaders in the Jewish DMV.
  48. A reporter settling in on a new beat.

Want to jump in and make a connection (or forty-eight) with your place and people in the DMV? Grab coffee with us! Email us and nominate a JPOW or Spotted feature! Whether you’re looking to meet new people, deepen your personal relationship with Judaism, grow as a community leader, or fill your calendar with all the Jewish DMV has to offer, GatherDC is here to help – after all, if we’re not for community, if we’re not for connection, who are we?

A group photo full of smiles at Gather's Beyond the Tent retreat.

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