Meet Michael: Jewish Dog Lover of the Week

by Hannah Angerman / August 24, 2022

A white man, Michael, and his brown fluffy dog sit in a Kayak on the Potomac river with a large concrete building in the background

Introducing the DMV’s newest member (and the newest Trader Joe’s lover): Michael! Michael is originally from Canada, has an adorable pup named Maggie and is still loyal to Montreal bagels. Keep reading to hear more about Michael and Maggie’s adventures in DC!

Hannah: What brought you to the DMV? 

Michael: I grew up in Montreal and I had been working for the Canadian government as a policy analyst for about five years. I got the itch in the middle of the pandemic to try something new. A job opened up with the Library of Congress that seemed to check a lot of my boxes in terms of my interests. I always wanted to come down to DC. It’s a city that I always found fascinating, just based on seeing in the news all the time. Now getting a feel for what it’s actually like to live in the city is really interesting. 

Hannah: Can you describe your dream day in the DMV from start to finish?

Michael: I would start off by getting an iced coffee in my neighborhood, Adams Morgan, with my dog Maggie. Then I would walk down with her down to Georgetown and rent a kayak for a couple of hours and go up the Potomac. We would then walk back through Rock Creek Park. Then I would meet up with a friend for brunch. Afterwards I would spend the afternoon people-watching, reading the newspaper, and having a nice drink on a patio.

Michael holds Maggie underneath her front legs and holds her paw like she's saying hi.

Hannah: When did you get Maggie?

Michael: I got her mid pandemic and she’s actually turning two today! (Mazel Maggieee!) I’m having a little puppy party for her with some of her dog friends. I’m even gonna set up a little puppuccino bar for it.

Hannah: What do you do to relax or for fun at the end of a long day?

Michael: I like to cook a new recipe. I find that it helps me disconnect from my week and focus on something more enjoyable. I also enjoy going along to the farmer’s market and picking out fun new things to try. And I love to take my dog out to the park, watch her run around, and have a great time with her friends. That usually puts a smile on my face at the end of the day. 

Hannah: What’s something that people might be surprised to learn about you?

Michael: I actually invited Jerry Seinfeld to my Bar Mitzvah. He was a no show unfortunately and I was very sad. I thought the least he could do was acknowledge the invitation. That same week there was a radio contest to win tickets to go see him perform. And I lost out on that too. But my parents bought me tickets in the end which was such a really nice surprise.

Michael stands next to the railing of a boat looking out at the water and mountains in the distance.

Hannah: If you could learn one new personal skill this year what would you learn and why?

Michael: I need to get my driver’s license. I’ve always lived in a city where I didn’t need a license. I’m getting my license because now I have my dog Maggie and I want to be able to bring her places with me. 

Hannah: How do you connect with your Jewish identity and or Jewish community?

I grew up going to a lot of Jewish events. I went to Jewish school and went to shul with my family. Now I enjoy connecting with Jewish community at different social gatherings. I also enjoy having people over for Shabbat dinner. I connect to my Judaism a lot through Jewish food and the traditions of the holidays. [Editor’s note: Stay tuned for our annual High Holiday Guide!]

Hannah: Do you have a favorite Jewish food?

Michael: Potato kugel. I also really love bagels, but my loyalties still lie with Montreal bagels. 

Michael slices open a homemade loaf of bread while wearing an apron

Hannah: What is your favorite thing that you’ve done so far this year?

Michael: I guess moving to DC is the biggest thing I’ve done this year. So far it’s been a fun experience here and it’s been great exploring a new city. And a new country! I’ve never lived in the US before. I’m still adjusting to the American ways of doing things. But one thing I discovered since moving here is Trader Joe’s. I had never been to one before and now I absolutely love shopping there. 

Hannah: Last question! Complete this sentence: When the Jews of DC Gather… 

Michael: I’m looking forward to finding out!

* * *

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