Meet Sofie: Jewish Marketing Strategist of the Week

by Hannah Angerman / May 4, 2022

Sophie, a white woman with light brown hair and olive toned skin, smiles brightly.

Meet Sofie (and also her adorable new puppy Bo)! Sofie is passionate about helping organizations grow and strengthen their brand. Outside of work, Sofie loves to take Bo on adventures around DC, connect with her Jewish community, and much more. This fall, Sofie will be moving to North Carolina to pursue her MBA at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business (mazel tov!). Keep reading to learn more about Sofie!

Hannah: What brought you to DC?

Sofie: I grew up outside of DC and loved coming down to the mall and enjoying the city with my friends. When COVID hit I was living in New York City and I decided I didn’t want to spend COVID in my tiny, tiny New York apartment that I shared with a roommate. I ended up working virtually and decided to try living in DC. I moved in December 2020 and it has been a wonderful experience enjoying this beautiful city.

Hannah: Can you describe your dream day in the DMV?

Sofie: I would start by taking my puppy Bo on a walk to Slipstream because they have really, really good lattes. Then I would take a walk and maybe go to a solidcore exercise class on 14th Street. Then I would walk around the mall and go to St. Vincent Wine in the afternoon for wine, cheese boards, and some live music. At the end of the day I would get dinner with friends on 14th Street, and spend the rest of the night bopping around the area.

Sophie carries around her adorably and very fluffy golden haired puppy Bo.

Hannah: What is one thing you can’t get through the day without? 

Sofie: My morning routine! I like to set myself up for the day, almost as if I were going into the office. Even if I don’t have any meetings, I always take a moment to wash my face, brush my hair, and get in the mindset of being present in my life and my day.

Hannah: Speaking of work, can you tell me a little bit about what you do?

Sofie: I’m a senior marketing strategist at CMR Ignite. I do work creating rebrands and marketing campaigns for nonprofit and mission oriented organizations. I’ve worked with Hillel International, Jewish Women International, and a few Federations. I’ve always been passionate about the Jewish community so it’s been awesome to work with organizations I care about and also do the type of work that I enjoy.

Sophie speaks at a podium in front of a projection the Jewish women international logo.

Hannah: How do you connect with the Jewish community?

Sofie: My Jewish community has always been such a large part of my cultural and social life. It’s always been a place where I have found meaning because there is such a strong sense of empowerment and support for one another. It’s also a wonderful way for young people who are growing in their careers to have some additional leadership opportunities. I love strengthening, and connecting new people to the Jewish community. I’m always the kind of person who’s connecting people and inviting them to Shabbat dinners.

Hannah: Do you have a favorite Jewish tradition?

Sofie: Baking challah. Growing up, my mom made challah every Friday night and I have such lovely memories of it. This year , I baked challah myself for the first time. I love the tactile experience of kneading the dough and knowing that this is something special that I can’t do every day. Now I try to make challah on most Fridays.

Sofie and a brunette woman sit in a boat behind the steering wheel in all white outfits.

Hannah: Do you have a favorite Jewish food? 

Sofie: This is going to be controversial but when gefilte fish is good, it’s really good. Not canned gefilte fish, but homemade gefilte fish is amazing.

Hannah: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Sofie: The best piece of advice I’ve ever received is that relationships really matter and you never know where a connection will take you. It’s amazing to look back at your life and see all of the people who helped you get there and the impact they made. Every time I meet someone I wonder what impact they are going to have on my life in the future. I always keep in mind that anyone you meet could be an important connection.

A selfie of Sofie and her boyfriend resting their heads together and wearing sunglasses.

Hannah: Do you have a Jewish role model? 

Sofie: My mom! She’s the CEO of Jewish Women International. Before that she wrote a book called The Modern Jewish Mom’s Guide to Shabbat. She was the one that instilled the practice of having a weekly Shabbat in my family. I see my mom as a connector and communicator. That’s what I always strive to be. I’ve seen her grow through so many roles, from being an author to a mom and now a CEO. She’s handled all of those roles with such passion, grace, and poise. She lights up every room she walks into. When people say that I’m like my mom it’s the number one compliment I receive.

Hannah: If money and time were no object what would you be doing right now?

Sofie: I think I’d be traveling and writing. I would love to see the world, have new experiences and spend time with my family, friends, and my boyfriend. I love exploring cool places, eating amazing food, reflecting through writing, and just having an amazing time.

Hannah: Last question! Complete this sentence – When the Jews of DC gather…

Sofie: Everyone leaves with Shabbat plans. 

* * *

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