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Spotted in Jewish DC – National Museum of American Jewish Military History

Memorial Day, when America remembers men and women who died serving our country in the U.S. Military, is this coming Monday.  In honor of this, our #SpottedinJewishDC this week goes to the National Museum of American Jewish Military History, located in Dupont Circle. We sat down for an interview with Michael Rugel, the museum’s Program […]

Meet the Mifgash!

This week marks the arrival of the Israelis from the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington’s Reverse Mifgash program. From May 15th until May 25th, 11 participants from all over Israel will immerse themselves in the Jewish-American experience by joining an array of activities from, Shabbat dinners to baseball games to our GatherDC Happy Hour tonight! […]

Shavuot Guide 2017/5777

Also known as “Feast of the Weeks,” you may know Shavuot as “The Holiday Where We Eat Cheesecake.” Not only does the holiday, which begins the evening of May 30th and ends the evening of June 1st, have several names, it also celebrates more than one religious observance. Shavuot both celebrates the early summer’s grain […]

Israel Comes to DC!

From May 15th to May 25th, The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington (JFGW) will welcome 11 Israeli young adults for a 10-day immersive “Reverse Birthright” experience called Reverse Mifgash. Over the course of their stay, JFGW will host multiple events that are open to the community so that we here in DC can meet and greet the […]

Spotted in Jewish DC – The Den’s Cookbook Recipe of the Month

Depending on your interest, The Den is either the coffeehouse/wine bar in Politics and Prose, or the coffeehouse/wine bar with Politics and Prose in it. Wherever your loyalties, chances are you’ve been to both…and love them for the community and cultural epicenters they are. This week, we’re spotlighting The Den’s ‘Cookbook Recipe of the Month’ […]

5 Things We Heart About Marc Maron

Marc Maron is probably best known for his twice-weekly podcast WTF. Since 2009, Maron has shown himself to be one of the best interviewers in the business, providing listeners with intimate conversations (conducted in his garage!) with everyone from the late Robin Williams to former President Obama. He has often talked at length about his […]

5 Things About Kabbalah You Probably Didn’t Know

Ask most people what they know about Kabbalah, and they will probably answer with something about mysticism and Madonna. While both have certainly played a role in the popularity of the belief system, Kabbalah’s history is even longer and more complicated than the music career of the “Material Girl”. While we could come up with […]