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Jewish People of the YEAR Celebration!

GatherDC is throwing down to celebrate the extraordinary humans featured as Jewish Person of the Week from 2017-2018, and everyone who makes our Jewish community so friggin’ awesome (that’s YOU)!  RSVP NOW DON’T MISS OUT on this festive opportunity to: Cheers to the Jewish People of the Week over drinks, games, prizes, & fried foods […]


Confused? Good. This was a joke in honor of the holiday of Purim, which begins tonight, February 28th. Purim is known as the day we eat triangle shaped cookies (hamentashen) and read the story of Esther in the megillah out loud. It’s also known as a day we turn everything upside down by wearing costumes and getting […]

18 Reasons to Attend the IAC National Conference

It’s basically Birthright, only in America! Is Birthright too much of a time commitment to take off from your first full-time job? Instead of schlepping to Israel, this time let Israel come to you. IAC National Conference will have Israeli food, music, companies and, well, Israelis themselves. Let’s share a L’Chaim! Or two… The IAC […]

Together At the Table

This weekend, the world–and specifically our neighboring state of Virginia–witnessed a violent display of hatred, racism, and anti-Semitism from a group of neo-Nazis. It is hard to see, hear, and think about these deplorable acts that are happening so close to home. We must continue to work towards understanding one another and showing love and […]

What it’s Like to Throw the First Pitch

Any Rookie of the Year fan can relate to the intense desire to step up on a pitcher’s mound and throw a fastball into the catcher’s mitt at a professional baseball game. Last year Ben Shlesinger of Silver Spring, fulfilled that childhood fantasy and threw the first pitch at a Nationals game during The Jewish […]

Exploring Jewish Identity Through Documentaries

The set up couldn’t be more Jewish. The audience watches an introspective documentary film about a woman’s search for her “Jewish soul,”and then they give their honest feedback about how to make it better. This scenario will take place on Sunday, August 6th as part of the launch of Docs In Progress’ newest NEA-funded program, […]

High Holiday Guide for DC 2017 (5778)

It’s High Holiday time! There are so many options for observing the High Holidays in the Washington, DC area. We want to make it as easy as possible for 20 and 30 somethings to find the High Holiday activities they are looking for no matter how they choose to celebrate. From Rosh Hashanah to Yom […]