Passover Guide 2022/5782

by GatherDC Staff / March 22, 2022

The words "Passover Guide, 2022/5782" above a graphic depiction of the parting of the red sea

Passover is here and we can’t wait to lean back in our chairs, crunch on some addictive matzah toffee, and spend quality time around the seder table!

At its core, Passover is a celebration of coming out of a narrow place—and it truly feels as if the past two years have been a narrow place. So this year, let’s celebrate not only the story of Passover, but our own stories coming out of hard times.

This guide is here to help you plan your Passover celebration to the fullest: from recipes to food for thought, this guide’s got it all! We hope that your Passover is filled with fun, joy and the space to make the most of this incredible holiday.


The GatherDC Team

P.S. Know about a Passover event that’s not listed in this guide. Add it to our calendar here!

DMV Passover Events

Pre-Passover Events:


Passover Events (FYI Passover is Friday, April 15th – Saturday, April 23rd): 


Local Passover Food


Ways to Give Back

Check out this Passover-Micro Loan from the Hebrew Free Loan Association available to Jewish borrowers across the DC Metro area.


Passover Recipes


Passover Resources


OneTable will be nourishing seders on April 15th and 16th. Check out their resources here!