DMV Purim Guide 2022

by GatherDC Staff / February 23, 2022

An image of colorful upside down hot air balloons with the words "purim guide 2022/5782"Break out your costumes and line up your hamantaschen recipes, because Purim is officially here (well, almost). Festivities, food, fun—Purim has it all!

Purim is all about embracing the topsy turvy things in life with a sense of joy (and if the past two years have been anything, they’ve been topsy turvy). The whole story of Purim is filled with twists: plot twists, identity twists, fate twists, really any kind of twist you can think of… So let’s celebrate in a way that highlights that incredible twistiness!

Whether it’s dressing up in a crazy costume, letting yourself be truly silly for a day, or just doing something unexpected, this year we want to embrace the Purim spirit. Purim is a time to celebrate—and also a time to focus on giving back to our community. This is a holiday that celebrates the unexpected, so this year let’s discover all the wonders this holiday has to offer, both the ones we expect and the ones we don’t. We hope that your Purim is filled with laughter, fun, and maybe even a few surprises.

This guide is here to help you make your Purim dreams come true and to make planning your holiday a breeze. Read on to find out all the fun there is to be had this Purim in the DMV!

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DMV Purim Events (FYI: Purim is March 16th-17th)

Week before Purim:

Week of Purim:

Note: Additional Purim events will be added here as they get planned and published!


DMV Hamantaschen


Give Back (Matanot L’evyonim = Gifts to the Poor Given on Purim)


Purim Recipes


If you’re tired of Hamantaschen 


Purim – Dig Deeper