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Jewish, Under 40, and Love Theater? Join the Club.

In the movie “Mean Girls”, new kid Cady Heron has to navigate the complex, fragmented society that is her high school cafeteria. Each table is filled with new faces, representative of different clubs and cliques. None of them invites her to sit. Rejected and lost, she eats lunch alone in a bathroom stall—which we can […]

Meet Ally: Jewish Party Planner of the Week

In addition to having the best first name, Ally Sherman is one of those amazing women who seems to have kinda figured out this whole “how do I live a productive life?” thing. In addition to being a spin teacher, FlyWheel coordinator, and marketing associate, she spends “free” time volunteering for the local Jewish community […]

5 People to Meet at Falafel Frenzy this Christmas Eve

 That person you lost touch with from a previous Jewish life. via GIPHY Hebrew school, Jewish summer camp, youth group, an Israel trip; someone from “a lifetime ago” will most likely be there. You’re bound to run into at least one blast from the past—whether you recognize them or not is another question.   The […]

Your (Jewish) Guide to Christmas Weekend in DC

Your long, eskimo winter coat has officially left its hiding place deep in the back of your closet and made its way onto your freezing cold body. “Santa Clause” 2 airs 67 times a week. 97.1 FM has converted to playing solely holiday jingles for 24 hours-a-day (so long for now Ed Sheeran). It’s dark […]

Jewish Person of the Week: GatherDC’s Newest Team Member Rachel!

BIG NEWS GATHER-ERS: Boston native Rachel Nieves has just joined the GatherDC team as our Community Coordinator! This Bostonian turned University of Maryland Terrapin turned DC-ite, is eager to meet each and every one of you! Rachel’s contagious smile, friendly demeanor, zest for life, and self-proclaimed flailing skills on the dance floor — has us […]

Meet Alex: Jewish Comedian of the Week!

Warning: Florida native Alex Barbag is one of the most hilarious humans in the DC stand-up comedy scene, so be prepared to laugh out loud while reading this interview (perhaps head to a non-open office space). Also, this past year he started his own YouTube comedy series, which has potential for international greatness (according to […]

Spotted in Jewish DC – Indie/Folk Singer Eli Lev

Folk singer-songwriter Eli Lev was spotted at the Silver Spring Fresh Farmers Market by our very own Rachel Gildiner. The moment Eli’s soothing indie/folk music hit Rachel’s ears, she was captivated. So, to ensure all of our amazing readers can experience this mesmerizing music around DC, we’re featuring Eli’s band in this week’s #SpottedinJewishDC! Oh, […]