Spotted in Jewish DC: Lisa Dubler Coaching

by Allison Friedman / March 2, 2021

Lisa Dubler has paired her background in leadership development and talent acquisition with her passion for helping people find jobs they love. She recently started working full time as a Career Coach at General Assembly in addition to running her own career coaching practice and working with groups like RISE and Ladies Get Paid.

If you’re curious what career coaching looks like or how you might be able to elevate your current job situation, check out our interview with Lisa!

Allie: What is RISE?

Lisa: RISE came together in the summer of 2020 as an initiative by The Jewish Federations of North America and JPRO Network to support people who work in Jewish community whose roles had been impacted by the pandemic.

If someone had been furloughed or laid off from their role in the Jewish sector, they could come to RISE to get resources and support – primarily  through career coaching. 

Allie: What is your role with RISE and how did you get involved with it?

Lisa: I actually saw a posting about RISE’s career coaching in The Year of the Jewish Woman Facebook group that Rachel Gildiner runs. At the time, I was at a career pivot point myself and I was exploring new opportunities and recently started working with my alma mater (University of Redlands in Southern California) to help recent graduates who needed support applying to jobs. I was using my background in leadership development and talent acquisition to help grads improve their job applications materials. So, I applied to work as a career coach with RISE and got accepted! 

I’ve supported about 5 or 6 individuals through RISE. It’s completely free and is focused on career coaching on multiple levels. Whether people are looking for a resume or LinkedIn refresh, thinking more strategically about how to network, or trying to determine what kind of work they want to be doing next, RISE offers help. The pandemic has served as a major reflection point for a lot of people. This year, people have been taking the time to understand their strengths, what fills their cup, and how they can find a job that does both.

Allie: In addition to your work with RISE, I hear you’ve also started your own career coaching business. Tell me about that!

Lisa: Yes, I’ve also launched my own professional coaching business, Lisa Dubler Coaching, and have already supported about 60 people through that. Last month, I started a new job as a career coach at General Assembly where I’ll be helping students who are looking to pivot to a career in technology. But, I’ll still be taking on my own clients on the side.

With my own consulting business, I’m helping people beyond tech industries who wants to learn how to own their story, understand their strengths, and network effectively through the lens of curiosity. 

Allie: What would you say to people who are unsure if they should hire a career coach?

Lisa: Too often people think hiring a coach is a sign of weakness, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The role of a coach is to help you broaden and shift your perspective. Especially during this tough time, the extra support can go a long way. Through my own experience, I’ve learned just how powerful it can be to work with a coach. 

If people are experiencing a challenging time in their career, I don’t want them to feel discouraged, but to know that right now there really are resources out there to help.

Allie: How did you decide to get into career coaching in the first place?

Lisa: I’ve always been the friend that people go to seek out professional advice. That, combined with my training in talent acquisition and leadership development at The Washington Post and The Schusterman Foundation, and also going through job loss myself – it seemed like a natural fit. I’m high empathy and like to make people happy. People I’ve worked with have landed jobs at places like Peloton, Amazon, Apple, and I really feel like this is where I’m supposed to be. 

Allie: What are your hopes and dreams for the future of your career coaching?

Lisa: I’d like to create resources and tools for people. Even if someone can’t afford to work with a coach, they can come to my website (that will be launching soon!) and feel like they are getting some nuggets of wisdom that they can carry with them. I also want to carry over my skills as a connector and convener. I want to figure out how I can create spaces for people who want to figure out how to learn together in community. 

Allie: If someone wanted to sign up for your coaching services, how would they do that?

Lisa: Contact me at or on LinkedIn. I offer free consults so we can see if we jive together and learn more about your goals before we get started. 

Also, if you work or worked for a Jewish organization and have been furloughed or lost your job during this pandemic, definitely check out RISE and you can get up to 4 free coaching sessions.

Allie: Anything else you want to share?

Lisa: I know these are tough times, but try to use this as an opportunity to lean into understanding your strengths and approach your job search with an open mind and through the lens of curiosity.



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