Meet Alexandra: Jewish Engagement Director of the Week

by Allison Friedman / March 16, 2021

Alexandra Tureau recently joined the team as GatherDC’s Engagement Director and we are thrilled! Previously featured as our Jewish Fashionista of the Week, Alexandra is excited for her new role and the opportunity to visualize, strategize, and innovate when it comes to engagement – particularly with our 30s community members. Read our 1:1 interview and get to know Alexandra!

Allie: What will you be doing at GatherDC?

Alexandra: Engaging you – and I am so excited! As GatherDC’s new Engagement Director, I’ll be guiding engagement strategies and promoting our special methodology of relational engagement. I am also going to be focused on engaging many of our 30s community members. There is going to be a lot of visualizing, strategizing, and innovating.

Allie: What led you to this role at Gather? What are you most excited about in regards to this position?

Alexandra: I’ve been a Gather community member for about four years, and went from almost no Jewish life to building a robust and meaningful Jewish identity and community (which is of course always evolving!). Professionally, I was looking to transition to a more people-first, community-based organization. This role just naturally combined all the things I love most – strategy, innovation, people – in a community I deeply care about – Jewish DC. I am excited for a lot, but mostly meeting community members and hearing from you! [Editor’s note: sign up here to grab coffee with Alexandra!].

Allie: Describe your dream day in the DMV from start to finish.

Alexandra: My dream day would be for Kamala Harris to come to my Rosh Chodesh circle. But in the event that never happens, it’s a very chill post-pandemic Sunday. 

It would start with a yoga class at the 14th street Yoga District, after which I would pick up an iced chai at either Emissary or Firehook and head over to the DuPont farmer’s market. I love the hustle and bustle of all the people (and dogs) that the market brings together, and of course loading up on all the delicious local produce. First stop – drop off compost! I always grab a bag of sprouts from Little Wild Things and the vegan gluten-free scones from O Earth Creamery + Bakery are a delicious treat (check it out if you want to support a local biz).

Then I’d stroll through a scenic DC neighborhood while having a deep and meaningful conversation with a friend and I’d also get some reading in (preferably while sitting in the sunshine). The day would end with cooking a delicious (vegan) meal with people I care about, catching the sunset, and watching the show of the moment. 

Allie: In your former interview with GatherDC, you mentioned working as a sustainability consultant for fashion startups and helping friends with their wardrobes – are you still doing either of these as side hustles?

Alexandra: I am not doing this professionally at the moment, but my passion for sustainability and fashion hasn’t diminished. I’m so inspired seeing how sustainable fashion has gained momentum in the last few years, and my passion in this area now extends to household and beauty/personal products. I’ve learned alot about making my own products at home and find it to be really satisfying. As for the startup world, I am always in awe of people who choose to strike out on their own. I try to stay involved in the entrepreneur world by supporting mission-driven startups through programs like MCN, which gives me a lot of joy. 

Allie: What is a fashion tip you can offer for spring?

Alexandra: Wear a mask!

Allie: What is one new fun hobby you’ve gotten into over the course of this pandemic?

Alexandra: I haven’t really had the chance to pick up a pandemic hobby, but I did complete my first puzzle recently and can’t wait to do more. I attempted challah baking a few times, but I’m just not a great bread baker. Open to suggestions for what I should try next! 

Allie: What is your favorite Passover food or tradition?

Alexandra: Hot take – Passover is not my fav Jewish holiday, but I really appreciate how each seder I go to has a unique take on the Haggadah that inspires deep and meaningful conversation. 

Allie: When Jews of DC Gather…

Alexandra: …I always learn something new!


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