Meet Dan: Jewish Skier of the Week

by Allison Friedman / January 27, 2021

Dan Legum knows how to have fun. From skiing down mountains in Breckenridge to learning from improv’s best at the Upright Citizens Brigade to hosting a Zoom magic show, Dan truly lives life to the fullest. Meet this adventurous, fun-loving, and hilarious guy who can’t wait for the day when we can all reunite at a yacht party.

Allie: What brought you to the DC area and what made you stay?

Dan: I was born in the DC area, and what made me stay here was the great people and that I really like the area.

Allie: I know this is a super DC question, but what do you do professionally?

Dan: I work in the commercial real estate industry. I work on leasing and managing office buildings. I focus on trying to get more tenants, acquiring buildings – that kind of thing.

Allie: You’ve been such an integral part of DC’s Jewish community, what is your favorite Jewish DC event you’ve ever attended and why? 

Dan: The best one I’ve ever attended – which they don’t do anymore, unfortunately – was the JNF Future Yacht Party. I found that to be very fun because it was on the water, people just chilled, and it was fun to hang out with everyone in a relaxed boat setting. 

The other event that I’ve really enjoyed is the FIDF Young Leadership Gala, which they did last year before the pandemic. It was at Woodmont Country Club, they had great food, and it was so much fun fun. 

Allie: Is there a Jewish DC event that you dream would be created?

Dan: It would be awesome to host another Jewish yacht event in Georgetown or maybe a spacious rooftop party with a view. A pool party would also be so fun. Maybe a rooftop pool party! 

Allie: Describe your dream day in the DMV from start to finish. 

Dan: I think it would be to go on a fun dinner date at a restaurant like Char Bar and then head to a rooftop bar like 18th St Lounge (it has such a great view of the city), followed by a peaceful walk around the city. Then, I’d meet up and hang out with a big group of friends.

Allie: I hear you are a big skiing fan. Tell me more! 

Dan: I love the freedom of the movement that skiing provides, and I love being outside and going fast. When you’re skiing, you get to enjoy the speed and the peacefulness of the outdoors at the same time. I started skiing when I was two years old. 

Allie: Where is your favorite place to ski?

Dan: My favorite place ever to ski is in Breckenridge, CO. They’ve got good snow and a whole nightlife scene where you can hang out with the locals, enjoy good restaurants, and get good snow at the same time. It’s the best of both worlds. Locally, I enjoy skiing at Liberty Mountain and Whitetail, they are both super fun.

Allie: What is on your skiing bucket list? 

Dan: Someday, I’d love to go skiing in New Zealand because I hear they’ve got the best snow and that the locals are friendly and outgoing. I want to explore a different country and see what’s out there.

Allie: What is one thing people might be surprised to know about you? 

Dan: I once taught an improv class in Tel Aviv. I was taking an improv class in Tel Aviv and the teacher needed a break, so he invited me to teach the class for a few days. So I taught the class! I taught them about ‘Yes, and’ which is a way to agree with your scene partner, and we played different games like “Park Bench” where you imagine you’re on a park bench and you go through the experience of talking to a stranger. I also taught “freeze tag” and other games. It was really fun. 

Allie: Where did you learn improv? 

Dan: I went to the Field School in DC for high school and they had a lot of improv classes, so I learned it there. 

Allie: Are you a big fan of any improv groups?  

Dan: I like Upright Citizens Brigade – they do a lot of good shows and I’ve taken some of their more advanced classes on how to get into a deeper relationship with your character, etc. 

Allie: I love UCB! Last year, just before the pandemic, I saw them perform in New York City and it was such a fun experience. Speaking of fun things, I hear you recently had a festive virtual birthday celebration. Tell me about that.

Dan: Yeah, I did a Zoom magic show. We did a lot of cool tricks like making cards disappear and changing a $20 into a $100 bill and mind reading tricks. It was fun! I was a big magic fan as a kid, I enjoyed watching magic, and I more recently have gotten back into it after seeing magic shows geared toward adults. 

Allie: What have you been doing to stay busy at home during this pandemic? 

Dan: I have a personal trainer that I work with a couple of times a week, I like doing yoga. And I’ve been doing a lot of improv courses on Zoom to improve my comedy skills. I’ve also been performing in some shows virtually. And then, of course, the usual like taking walks outside and spending time with family. I even got a skiing trip in with a trip to Montana.

Allie: Complete this sentence – “When the Jews of DC Gather…

Dan: …they build friendships and community, and learn more about each other.


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