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When We’re Called – A Lesson from Leviticus

Friday, March 26 – Parshat Vayikra This week, we begin a new book of the Torah, Leviticus. Leviticus is the book of the priests (the Levites, get it?) who served as officiants in the ancient Temple, offering sacrifices and such.  While we’ve been swept up in the world of stories throughout Genesis and Exodus, Leviticus, […]

Permission to Breathe

On Wednesday night, during one of my weekly classes which I’m now doing online, I asked everyone to go around and share one word that best described where they were in that moment. Inspired by the very first question God asks humanity in the Torah—“Akyeka?” “Where are you?”—I asked a similar question in the hope […]

How and Why Do We Party on Purim?

The Jewish comedian Alan King once said, “A summary of every Jewish holiday: they tried to kill us, we won, let’s eat!”  I’ve heard this line repeated too many times to count to explain why and how we celebrate various Jewish holidays. Purim, coming up next week, is no exception, although we could modify King’s […]