Meet Shelley: Jewish Community Builder of the Week!

When she’s not supporting women entrepreneurs in her role at the State Department, you might find Shelley spearheading JWI programs, helping out with ADL, reading at the West End Library…or walking dogs?! Get to know Shelley Greenspan! P.S. Have a suggestion for a Jewish Person of the Week? Email to nominate your friend, colleague, […]


2020: Planning In Perfect Vision

Do your New Year’s resolutions include being more organized and productive?  A paper planner can help. A recent study shows that writing down your goals increases the likelihood of achieving them by more than 40% – but put that smartphone away: another study indicates that your brain processes information more thoroughly when you write by […]


I’m Dreaming of a White Hanukkah

Last night I had a dream of a white…Hanukkah. I was back in Jerusalem and it was snowing on December 13th, my birthday. I woke up in the morning, snowflakes were falling from the window of my apartment on the second floor of building #5 in the Cvar Ha-studentim, and I thought “it’s going to […]

A New Jew’s Guide to Navigating the Holidays

I’ll be the first to admit that I hate the holidays. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Ebenezer Scrooge, but I don’t care for the cold, the stress, and the mounting pressure to find those around me the perfect gift. Once, the illusion of Santa Claus was ruined for me when my childhood best friend […]


Celebrating Chrismukkah

Chrismukkah is an indecisive person’s dream. There’s no “or” involved when it comes to decorations, presents, food, music, any of it – you just get to have it all. Trees and menorahs, one big morning and eight little nights, gingerbread and latkes. Chrismukkah takes the most fun parts of Christmas and Hanukkah, doubles the December […]

chinese food

Top 5 Chinese Restaurants for Jews on Christmas 

Over the years, one of my favorite “Jewish” traditions has been going out for Chinese food with my family on Christmas – or simply getting some Chinese delivery.  Have you ever wondered, “how did this tradition come about?” Like many Jewish traditions, this one started in the Jewish “homeland”. Nope, not Israel. I’m talking about […]