GatherDC Midterm Election Guide 2018

In case exercising your civic duty, the fear of being shamed by your friends, and/or standing up for things you believe in have all failed to persuade you to get out the vote for the 2018 midterms… I now offer you the lure of FREE THINGS you get if you vote. Yes folks, the day […]

Will Work For Challah

“Do you have any challah left?” I asked into my phone. “Any what?” the person on the other end asked with confusion. “Challah!”I repeated louder. My mother was doubled over with laughter in the front seat of the car. I was visiting home in Madison, Wisconsin and wanted to secure some challah. Although both of […]

Healing Through Togetherness

This week has been a tough one. The horrific shooting at The Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh has brought to light the excruciating level of hate- manifested in anti-Semitism, racism, homophobia-  that exists in our country. This horrific tragedy may be hitting us in different ways and at different times – I know it […]

District Shabbat Brings Judaism Back to Southwest

For more than a century, Washington’s Jewish community has thrived in the heart of the city. Since 1995, however, there has not been a Jewish synagogue in Southwest. That’s about to change. On Friday, October 19th, Washington Hebrew Congregation (WHC) will debut District Shabbat, a soulful, joyful, and musical Shabbat experience on the third Friday of […]

Jewish Dog of the Month: Smushy!

Sarah: What is your name? Smushy: My full legal name is Smushy Bagels Weinberg. Also known as Smush, The Smush, Smushala, SmushSmush, Smushybear, Lil’ Smush. Sometimes people think my name is Smoosh, but I’m ok with it. Sarah: How did you get to DC? Smushy: I moved here from Los Angeles! First my mommy moved […]

jewish cat

Jewish Cat of the Month: Golda Meow

Sarah: What is your name? Golda: My name is Golda Meow, but you can just call me Golda. I was named in homage to the illustrious Golda Meir.  I like to think I live up to her visionary legacy, don’t you? I can see in the dark, after all.  Sarah: What’s your favorite way to […]