Jewish Girl - Abby

Jewish Girl – Abby

If you could meet any biblical character, who would it be? If I could meet a biblical character (old testament, obviously) I’d have to say I’d want to meet Adam (of Adam and Eve).  That way when people say to me “You don’t know me from Adam!”, I can say “Yes I do!!” Who is […]

Jewish Girl – Rochelle

(Jewish Girl of the Year Voting Page) We hear you work for Deloitte along with a couple other Jews in the DC community.  I’m quantitatively challenged, so can you explain to me in simple words what you do there?  Do you dominate? I’m a Recruiter for the Federal Consulting Practice at Deloitte and I love […]

Jewish Girl – Abigail

(Jewish Girl of the Year Voting Page) You recently moved to D.C., right?  How do you like it so far?  What about the D.C. Jewish community? I love DC so far. There is such a vibrant young Jewish community here. And lots of cute and intelligent Jewish boys! Thursday night:  Adams Morgan vs. Dupont vs. […]

Proud Lion

Joshua Kaller Proud Lion June 15, 2010 Maimed Angel-Lion, whose ascension has ended. Your roar settled and succumb, resting in the gilded tomb of your heart. There the messiah quake sleeps ready to wake, and when it does you shall burst And circle the sky, undulating your heavy wing of justice, Creating a tornado of […]