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Jewish Journalist of the Week – Michael

I met Michael early on in my job at GatherDC (at the time it was Gather the Jews). He’s a constant presence in the DC Jewish community. In our interview, I found out about his life living in Hong Kong, his past helping out during the early days of GatherDC, and why he loves journalism. Find out more about the Jewish Journalist of the Week in this week’s interview.

Jewish DJ of the Week – Michele

This week, I was lucky enough to have interviewed Michele! I’ve met her a few times all around DC at different Jewish events. I learned all about her passion for Judaism, her radio show, and her love of writing. Learn more about the Jewish Writer of the Week, Michele, in our interview below.

Jewish Singer of the Week

Sabrina is a friendly face you will likely run into at Jewish events all over the city. You can find her at Shabbat dinner with Mesorah, a GatherDC Happy Hour, or at a Moishe House event! This week I got the opportunity to interview Sabrina about how she first got involved in the Jewish community, as well as her passion for music and the environment!