Sabrina is a friendly face you will likely run into at Jewish events all over the city. You can find her at Shabbat dinner with Mesorah, a GatherDC Happy Hour, or at a Moishe House event! This week I got the opportunity to interview Sabrina about how she first got involved in the Jewish community, as well as her passion for music and the environment! Learn more about Sabrina, the Jewish Singer of the Week, in our interview below!

Jackie: What brought you to DC from upstate New York?

Sabrina: I grew up and went to school in upstate New York, and was looking for a new city to explore. DC intrigued me as a fantastic, upbeat city with tons to do and a large population of young Jews, so when I was offered a job in the area, moving here was an easy decision.

Jackie: How did you get involved in the DC Jewish community?

Sabrina: I was lucky that I have some family and friends from college in the area who told me about different ways to get involved! I began by going to programs and events at Sixth and I, especially with Mesorah DC, and I would show up alone or with a few friends at the GatherDC happy hours, along with other YP events that came up. The more people I met, the more I learned about new opportunities to delve further in the Jewish community. I am still involved with the same programs but always look to meet new people and have new experiences, too.

Jackie: You are very passionate about the environment. How do you translate this passion into action?

Sabrina: Yes, I am. This may sound like an obvious statement, but I truly believe that we do not have anything without a healthy planet. It is not a secret that the environment greatly lacks the respect and TLC it deserves. Beyond providing our sustenance, the earth is also endlessly beautiful and fascinating if we take the time to observe it. I try to share my love of the environment with those around me, and while I always seek to learn more about current science and related issues, I encourage others to, as well. Some ways I act are through volunteering at different local farms and going to environmental events and rallies; I try to shop local, walk, bus or carpool as much as possible; and reuse and recycle everything that I can.

Jackie: What motivated you to become a vegetarian?

Sabrina: A few things, but the biggest reason was learning more about the environmental impact of the meat and dairy industries.

Jackie: Do you have a favorite (vegetarian) Jewish food?

Sabrina: Oh, goodness…It’s hard to choose a favorite, but probably vegetarian cholent. I also don’t know what I would do without chocolate babka.

Jackie: You were singing with an a cappella group at Hanukkah Happy Hour on the Hill. How did you get involved with that group?

Sabrina: Yes, I was! My group is called Makela, which means “choir” in Hebrew. I have been singing solo and in groups since high school, and absolutely loved my college Jewish a capella group, Kaskeset (they’re awesome, check them out!). I auditioned for Makela a few months after moving to DC when a new friend told me she was in a great Jewish a capella group in the area. Besides being a really fun, easygoing group, everyone is very talented and brings a unique energy to the table.

Jackie: I hear that singing isn’t your only musical talent. How did you first start playing the ukulele?

Sabrina: I wouldn’t quite call myself “talented” at playing the ukulele, but I do love strumming away on it. I picked it up in college because it is an easy string instrument that is [conveniently] super portable, fun to bring camping and quiet enough to keep my roommates liking me. For anyone who is looking to learn a new instrument, I highly recommend the ukulele!   

Finish the sentence: When the Jews Gather…. there should always be something to nosh on.

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