Spotted in Jewish DC: Schmaltz Bros

by Rachel Kriegsman / June 7, 2021

Have you tried Schmaltz Bros yet?

This catering company / food truck is providing the DMV with some of the most delicious kosher food we’ve ever tasted.  Schmaltz Bros is a new DC-area kosher food staple brought to you by Chappall Gage, president of Susan Gage Caterers, and Yehuda Malka, an extraordinary chef who’s worked at another DC fav Equinox.

We chatted with Yehuda to learn more about the inspiration behind the business and where to find some of these drool-worthy sandwiches.

Rachel: Tell me about the motivation behind Schmaltz Bros?

Yehuda: Growing up in Silver Spring and having an interest in food and cooking, I never could understand the dearth of kosher or even traditionally Jewish restaurants in the Greater Washington area, both in quantity and quality. Some bright spots came and went, but overall, the constant refrain was “kosher is too difficult or too expensive. Only places like NY, LA or Miami can support those businesses.” I refused to believe this. 

If someone were to show me a kosher restaurant whose quality and service was indistinguishable from any of the top DC spots in their category, and it was still struggling, I’d have given up hope. But the general feeling always was that kosher is a liability instead of an opportunity. Kosher restaurants can’t be run to the same standards that win accolades and awards. 

It’s a story for another time, but my Savta, the only grandparent I’ve been lucky to know and link to generations past, literally survived the last days of Holocaust while others did not, because she insisted on only eating kosher food. In Budapest (then in Hungary) she did not grow up rigorously observant, her family was traditionally Jewish, but very integrated into the society and culture. In that moment, her decision very easily could have been considered fatal folly, a life-threatening sacrifice. But without that choice, none of my close to 50 extended family members would be here today. 

What can I do to make Jewish and kosher food more appealing, more accessible, and more comforting to everyone in my area? How can we build a thriving, vibrant workplace that not only adheres to the highest standards of kosher, but to the highest standards across the board in hospitality? How can we extend the values of kosher, chesed (kindness), hachnasat orchim (taking care of guests and visitors) further into everyday life? Those are some of the most important questions and motivations behind what we do at Schmaltz Brothers. 

Rachel: That’s amazing, so how and when did you officially get started? 

Yehuda: Chappall and I had been exploring our first move into the kosher ecosystem here for almost two years before opening up the Schmaltz Brothers truck. With so few options, we had almost too much opportunity as far as where to start. The truck seemed like an easy entrance. Little did we know how impactful it would be to have a mobile restaurant during a pandemic.

Rachel: Where does the name “Schmaltz Bros” come from?

Yehuda: Schmaltz is an important signifier of what we’re trying to accomplish. Rendered from chicken fat, it’s a product of respecting your ingredients, using all available resources at our disposal. As a substitute for dairy fats in meat dishes, it’s a connection to thousands of years of Jewish tradition. And it’s delicious, so there’s no beating that. 

Colloquially, “schmaltzy” has come to mean a kind of sentimentality that, if overused, can feel trite, but used properly, can evoke deep emotion. Chappall and I are both sentimental guys, with a deep respect for history and tradition. We’ve been blessed with a growing team of genuine, heartfelt and hospitable professionals, who are committed to our mission, and in that way, we’re all Schmaltz Brothers. 

Rachel: Who is the genius behind the recipes and how does the team stay creative? 

Yehuda: There’s no one genius among us. We strive to be a deeply collaborative team. Each new member to join has contributed his or her own ideas, creativity, and personality. Our kitchen team is led by Chefs Colin Penn, Angel Aranzamendi, and Colin Lauer, each of whom have a wealth of restaurant experience and creativity. 

Rachel: What are your goals for Schmaltz Bros for the coming year?

Yehuda: It’s been a tough year for everyone in the food business, so our main goals are to introduce our brand to the community, share our vision of modern kosher food, and prepare ourselves for an amazing 2021.  

schamltz bros

Rachel: Where can the GatherDC community find Schmaltz Bros? 

Yehuda: Instagram and Facebook are a great place for information generally, and also the quickest way to figure out where our truck is.  We are building a new website as we speak which we will hopefully be rolling out in the next month or so.


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