Spotted in Jewish DC: Supper Club @ Call Your Mother Deli!

by Allison Friedman / March 6, 2019

1:1 Interview with Andrew Dana, Co-Founder/Owner of Timber Pizza Company


You might remember Andrew Dana from that time he was named Jewish (Call Your Mother) Deli Owner of the Week; or when his restaurant Timber was featured in Gather’s Ultimate DC Vegan Pizza Rankings; or perhaps when he told The Washington Post how he likes to add chicken tenders to his pizza?

Well, he’s back…

This time around, Andrew is bringing his foodie soul, laid-back spirit, and witty repartee to the dinner table. And you’re invited.


Allie: Alright, so tell me about these Family Dinners at Call Your Mother?

Andrew: It’s a fun dinner party; super fun, super delicious. Kind of like a supper club, but less formal and fancy. It’s 18 people who come in to share a meal, share the space. It’ll feel like you’re going to dinner at your friend’s house with bottles of wine on the tables, big platters of food, like a fun, chill neighborhood gathering.

We want a total mix of people, so we cap the amount of tickets you can buy. [This way], you can get to know some new people in the neighborhood. We want to open up that sense of community in DC.


Allie: How often are you hosting these dinners?

Andrew: 3 nights a week. Tuesdays are pasta night. Wednesdays are a gourmet take on fast food. Thursdays are Southern comfort food.

Allie: Let’s talk about the food…

Andrew:  Dani [AKA: Chef Daniela Moreira] is the best chef I know, she’s super talented. On Tuesdays for pasta night she’ll make three types of pasta from scratch, salads, and homemade cannolis. On fast food nights she’ll make homemade french fries, smash burgers or we can make the Impossible Burger if you’re vegetarian, and an apple pie flavored McFlurry. On Thursdays – Southern Night – she makes a chicken fried burger, peel and eat shrimp, black eyed peas, rice, homemade bread, fruit cobbler, and sweet tea. We’ll do different menus in the summer.


Allie: Why should a GatherDC reader splurge on this?

Andrew: Great community, good food, good times, it’s the best. And it’s at a Jewish deli – win-win-win. There might be a little Jewish twist in these meals, I don’t want to give anything away.

Allie: Okay, I’m sold. How do I get my ticket?

Andrew: Online here. It’s $68.50 which includes all the food, booze, tax, and tip. We’re already sold out for the month of March!


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