DOUBLE FEATURE: Meet Mollie and Julie – GatherDC’s Newest Team Members!

So, we have a pretty exciting life update. Are you ready for it? Okay, here it goes.

This week, GatherDC is super pumped to announce that we recently welcomed not one, not three, but TWO NEW STAFF MEMBERS! “What? That’s crazy! Two people get to work at the coolest company in DC?! What are they going to do?” You may be asking.

Well, lucky for you, our brand new team members –Mollie Sharfman and  Julie Thompson – are here to give you insight into their roles, their lives, and world traveling. NBD.

Read on to get to know our amazing new staff members, and then be sure to say “HOWDY!” when you see them around Jewish DC.

Meet Mollie: Jewish Educator of the Week!


Meet Julie: Jewish World Explorer of the Week!



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