Jewish Newbie of the Week – Sammy

by Shaina Dorow / April 26, 2017

As a part of GatherDC’s Jewish Person of the Week feature, we will be highlighting one Jewish “newbie” each month. (Are you new? Do you know someone who is? Nominate them––or yourself––today by emailing Shaina!)

Meet this month’s Jewish Newbie of the Week, Sammy!

Sammy and I met in 2010 at – you guessed it – Jewish summer camp (yes the photo is us during that summer). Between then and now we had barely kept in touch, except to play quick games of Jewish geography for people we went to college with. I hadn’t realized she was in DC until I spotted her walking up Connecticut Avenue while I was on the bus, so I sent her a text. She didn’t have my number anymore, so my “I see you” didn’t land as well as I had hoped (she was slightly confused). However, once I told her it was me, she was really excited to hang out again! Part of the beauty of GatherDC is our love of reconnecting with old friends and making new ones! Learn more about Sammy in this week’s interview.

Shaina: I heard you’re basically fluent in French. Have you been to France before?

Sammy: Yes! The first time I went to France was in 8th grade, with a school trip. I also lived in Paris for five months during my junior year of college. I loved it and can’t wait until I go back next.

Shaina: Where else have you traveled? Which place was your favorite?

Sammy: I was really lucky that my undergrad experience took me around the world. While I lived in Paris, I traveled to Spain, Italy, and Greece. I have also been to Madagascar and Peru through college-sponsored trips. My favorite place is hard to choose because every single place was so distinct, but I LOVED Florence, Italy. (That might have to do with all the delicious pasta and gelato.)

Shaina: You moved to DC the day after you graduated from college with no job. What was that like?

Sammy: Honestly, that is one of the craziest things I have ever done. My parents and friends all thought I had lost my mind. Somewhere along the way–during second semester of senior year–I decided that I wanted to live here, so I committed to moving. I convinced two friends to come with me, we found a place in Van Ness, and I packed my car and drove down. I was really lucky that I was able to start temping really quickly and then found my current job! I don’t regret it at all!

Shaina: What’s your advice to someone who is new to DC?

Sammy: Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! There is so much happening 100% of the time in this city. It is always worth it to go see the monuments at night and meander. If something sounds interesting to you, go! Don’t be afraid to arrive at an event without a big group, I’ve found that people are incredibly welcoming.

Shaina: What does a typical Saturday in DC look like for you?

Sammy: I actually like to do brunch on Saturday because it is WAY less crowded than a typical Sunday brunch. My favorite places are Open City, District Kitchen, and Scion. I also love to just relax and find something fun to do around the District.

Shaina: Complete the sentence: When the Jews of DC Gather… 

Sammy: it’s always a good time!

As a part of GatherDC’s Jewish Person of the Week feature, we are highlighting one Jewish “newbie” each month. Are you new and want to talk about getting more involved in Jewish life in DC? Sign up to grab coffee.