A large part of my job as GatherDC Community Coordinator/at GatherDC is taking people who are new to the city out for coffee. I love this part of my job because it requires me to explore the city, meet new people, and also try out new coffee places. And, I just so happen to love coffee.

So, after ten months of intensive research, I’m excited to share my top 5 favorite coffee shops in DC with you. Each one is in a different neighborhood and has something unique to offer. Comment here and let me know if you try any of these out – or if you want to meet me there for a coffee!

1) Best Iced Coffee: La Colombe, Manhattan Laundry

If you like caffeine, you have to get a black and tan from La Colombe. (This is not the same as the alcoholic drink made from pale and dark beer mixed together, although that’s delicious too. For a future listicle.) This black and tan is La Colombe’s nitro cold brew, mixed with their draft latte. The drink is silky smooth, strong, and delicious. Note that there are four locations of La Colombe Coffee Roasters all throughout DC, but I prefer this one because it’s beautiful, really well lit, and feels super futuristic.

2) Best Ambiance: Tryst, Adams Morgan Anyone who lives in DC should try Tryst at least once. The place is always busy, but somehow you always manage to get served. Don’t expect someone to greet you – just walk in and seat yourself. Whether you’re going with your friends or on your own, it’s so much fun. Just be prepared that you may not be able to find seating if you have an extra large party.

3) Best Flavor: Ebenezers Coffee Shop, Capitol Hill Ebenezers Coffee Shop is right near the Union Station metro. It’s actually a church-owned establishment, which is kind of cool. It’s a small, intimate space, but has really comfortable seating. If you go at certain times, you may even be able to go underground to their warehouse space. One of their signature drinks, although a bit untraditional, is their birthday cake latte. Not something I would normally try, but I was moved in the moment – and it was delicious (and not too sweet)!

4) Best Latte Art: Coffee Nature, Tenleytown

 They design different animals in your latte foam. I got a bunny! The end.

5) Best Service: Philz Coffee, Navy Yard

Philz also has a location in Adams Morgan, but it’s much more crowded than the one in Navy Yard. Philz is cool because each cup of coffee is brewed, specifically for you, rather than from a large pot or carafe like at most places. The individualized service is excellent, and you’re greeted with a warm smile by someone who knows their coffee – so ask them anything! There are at least 15 options, and each one I’ve tried is delicious. I highly recommend the “Silken Splendor”. Everyone who works there is super friendly, too. Choose your brew wisely!

Qualia also has a delicious dirty chai and homemade chocolate chip cookie…yum!

It was so hard to pick just the top 5 – I have so many places that I love that highly recommend: Bourbon CoffeeBig Bear CafeThe Coffee BarCompass Coffee, The Coupe, Filter CoffeehouseQualia Coffee, and ThreeFifty Bakery and Coffee Bar. Enjoy your fix!

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