Passover Guide 2017

Passover is the Jewish Holiday that young American Jews find the most meaningful! There are many different ways and places that Jews all over the District will be celebrating in the upcoming weeks. Passover begins the evening of Monday, April 10th and ends Tuesday, April 18th, but there are events all throughout the week leading up to […]

Yes I’m Jewish, Despite the Last Name

For the last year and a half or so, I’ve been performing and traveling with some “undercover Jews” on a tour entitled, “You’re Funny, But You Don’t Look Jewish.” Our show features African American, Indian, Italian American and Vietnamese Jewish comedians. I’m the token Italian American Jew in the show. I’ve personally done a lot of […]

Rabbi Rant: What Do You Worship?

It’s easy to dismiss the famous story in this week’s Torah portion of the Israelites making and worshipping the Golden Calf. I mean, do you or anyone you know really struggle with the temptation of bowing down to a statue? This story may have been relevant thousands of years ago, when people worshipped idols, but […]

Purim Weekend

Purim is a time to CELEBRATE. Have a blast this weekend (March 10-12) and celebrate being Jewish. Wednesday, March 8 Pre-Purim Happy Hour What better way to get ready for Purim than to celebrate with rounds of Shushan Chardonnay, Vashti Vodka Sodas, and Purim Punch! Join young adults from around DC, as well as 2239, […]

Rabbi Rave: Happy Hours

I love happy hours. I know there are so many of them here in DC, but not enough, if you ask me. Honestly, I wish every hour of the day was a happy hour. Think about how many people I could talk to about my job and where I’m from. And so many opportunities to […]

Become a Moishe House With Out Walls Host!

Do you love to host events with your friends and want money to do so? Moishe House Without Walls gives you the opportunity to create a Jewish community that is unique to who you are. Moishe House Without Walls expands on the mission of MoisheHouse by empowering non-residents with the financial and programmatic support they need […]

Is This Weed Kosher?

Last evening, about thirty alumni of select GatherDC experiences convened at the Takoma Wellness Center – a medical marijuana dispensary owned and run by a rabbi, Jeff Kahn. It is one of only 5 dispensaries in the District, and the only dispensary in the country run by a rabbi.

Why You Should Party Like It’s 1997 This Weekend

Realizing that 1997 was twenty years ago might make you feel old, but you can get in touch with your inner child this weekend! Here are 5 Reasons you should party like it’s 1997! You are curious how long it takes to run across a room and propel yourself onto someone’s lap during a game […]