On Jewish Values

Do you consider “Jewish values” to be a core part of your Jewish identity? If so, try this fun activity in six easy steps! Warning: may bring about existential crisis. Step 1: Write down a list of your “Jewish values.” Yes, actually spell out what they are, instead of letting “Jewish values” be a catchall […]

I Will Be There For You: A Buddy Program for Young Adults of all Abilities

Beginning this summer, the Edlavitch DCJCC’s Inclusion & Disabilities program is partnering with EntryPointDC, the 20s and 30s program of the EDCJCC, on a new initiative, Buddy Up. We asked Stacey Herman, Director of Inclusion & Disability Programming, Stacy Miller, Director of EntryPointDC, and some of the young adults of our community with and without […]

Rabbi Rant: Jewish Intersectionality

Once again, American Jews are at the center of a conversation about intersectionality. For those less familiar: intersectionality, as described by Nathan Heller, is “a theory, originating in black feminism, that sees identity-based oppression operating in crosshatching ways. Encountering sexism as a white, Ivy-educated, middle-class woman in a law office, for example, calls for different […]

Rabbi Rant: Intermarriage Isn’t Good, Or Bad

The conversation in the Jewish community around intermarriage is extremely polarized and seriously lacking nuance. One side wonders, “How are we still talking about this?” To them, the idea of telling someone to only marry Jewish is antiquated and even racist. The other side thinks, “Those who are intermarried have rejected Judaism and are actively […]

If A Fish Could Talk

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” – Carl Rogers, founder of person-centered psychotherapy You might be surprised to learn you can have a conversation with a fish that is swimming in a fish tank. I know because I once had one. During the ages […]