Time to Leave La La Land

I remember a teacher once said to me: “Want to know what you really value? Check your internet browser history.” I don’t think that’s the best way to understand yourself (most of my time is not spent on my computer), but our online activity certainly reflects a part of who we are – sometimes a […]

State of Mourning

For many millennial DC Jews, an intersection of three extremely liberal subsets of the population (and around 95% of whom most likely voted for Hillary Clinton), now may feel like a time for shiva. Today we mourn the loss of the America we thought we lived in, the loss of the misplaced optimism that we […]

Gather the Jews’ Library

Gather the Jews is proud to present our DC communal mini-library! This is a resource for anyone interested in picking up some new reading material – at no charge. Stop by our North Dupont office to check out our selection or even to just hang out! Is there a book here that you think would be […]

Make Judaism Great, But NOT Again

A recurring joke in the current season of South Park involves “member berries” – drug-like fruits that help you forget about the present by literally reminding you of the good ole’ days. It’s a poke at Trump’s campaign slogan, Make America Great Again, which references a past that may have never existed or may not […]

A Hilarious Storytelling Show, and that’s No Lie: An Interview with Perfect Liars Club

Stacy Miller, the Manger of EntryPoint, recently sat down with Pierce McManus, the co-host of Perfect Liars Club, to discuss how the show got started and the upcoming show with EntryPoint DC. Mark your calendars for Confessions: A Storytelling Interrogation Show, an evening where you won’t have to ask for forgiveness for lying this Yom Kippur. Stacy […]

Jewish Cook of the Week – Jackie

Jackie: Where did your interest in Jewish community start? Jackie N: I’ve always been lucky to live in places with a strong Jewish community. I attended Jewish day school, went to a Cuban-Jewish Sephardic synagogue (yes they do exist!), and grew up in a very traditional home. When I went to college at the University of Florida […]

Soul(less) Cycle

I hate to be the one to say it, but spinning is not a spiritual act. Feeling healthy, releasing endorphins, pushing yourself to the limits… all great things. It’s important to exercise and to feel good about your body, which Hillel the Elder says is made in the image of God (Leviticus Rabbah 34:3). But […]

September in the City

September is here and summer is almost over! Hillah is here to help you pick out some Jewish events for those who are 30 in the City! Mastering Change: A 3 Part Workshop for Entering the Jewish New Year When: Wednesdays: September 7, October 5, and November 2, 7 – 9:00 PM Where: WeWork Dupont (1875 Connecticut […]

Introducing “Rabbi Rant”

As we enter the Jewish new year, we at Gather the Jews have decided to launch a new feature in our newsletter. Each week I’ll share a (hopefully) provocative idea about being 20 and 30-something Jews in 21st century America. The easier choice, of course, is to keep my opinions to myself. Sharing my thoughts […]

Is This Weed Kosher?

Last evening, about thirty alumni of select GatherDC experiences convened at the Takoma Wellness Center – a medical marijuana dispensary owned and run by a rabbi, Jeff Kahn. It is one of only 5 dispensaries in the District, and the only dispensary in the country run by a rabbi.

Dear UNESCO, You are not the UN Security Council

Recently, a UNESCO vote was called upon for countries to debate whether or not Temple Mount was strictly a Muslim holy site. The vote was pushed by a group of Middle Eastern countries, all of whom practice Islam, and felt that Temple Mount was undergoing discrimination. Specifically, many governments surrounding Israel, including Palestine, were furious […]