What We Do

GatherDC helps Jewish 20s and 30s find their people and their place. 

• We are the central platform for post-college/pre-family Jewish life across the DC area, making it possible for thousands of 20s and 30s to live a Jewish life that feels right for them, right now.

• We strengthen the fabric of Jewish life by stewarding relationships and helping Jews in their 20s and 30s connect to Jewish organizations and to each other.

• We facilitate innovative opportunities for meaningful and relevant Jewish learning.

• We work with the wide network of Jewish communal partners to help them best serve young Jewish adults.



“With no denominational or political agenda, Gather has emerged as the agreed-upon atlas for the DC Jewish community.” – The Slingshot selection committee 

When I moved to DC, I didn’t feel like a part of anything. I figured getting involved with the Jewish community could be a gateway to making friends, so I signed up for GatherDC’s Beyond the Tent retreat. Flash forward to today, I attend weekly learning sessions with Rabbi Aaron Potek (Gather’s Community Rabbi), facilitated a later Beyond the Tent retreat, and made most of my closest friends throught Gather” – Daniel W., age 25

GatherDC introduced me to Jewish DC. When I became a Moishe House resident, Gather was my go-to resource to collaborate on programs. Gather has a great way of engaging those who are skeptical of or not engaged in Jewish life through meaningful programs that inspire deep connections. Through Gather’s Open Doors Fellowship, I met my closest friends, and developed personally and professionally.” – Tiffany., age 31

It’s not lost on me how many of my amazing insights, experiences, and friendships in DC are owed to the hard work that GatherDC does, and that young adults across DC, including myself, get to benefit from it. “ – SJ., 28