Hilary Bernstein, NoVA Fellow

Hilary is a Los Angeles native who has lived in the DC area for six years on and off. She works for the government, but in her free time she loves playing tennis, rock climbing, softball, hiking, painting, and baking. Hilary volunteers as an Officer, Programs Chair, and Alumni Interviewer on behalf of her undergrad alma maker. She is a Moishe House Without Walls Host, has led Shabbat Clusters, and loves attending Jewish events in the DMV and hosting her own parties and gatherings.

For her Capstone Project, Hilary will be bridging the gap between new-to-the-DMV Jewish community members and those who have lived here for a year or more. She will be leading a group outing to a workshop led by JCrafts by Chabad, pairing those new to the area with veteran DMVers to build lasting relationships.