See DC Like Never Before!

Camp Nai Nai Nai and Sixth & I are teaming up for an ‘Uncover DC Scavenger Hunt.’ Clues and ridiculous tasks await all daring individuals as you uncover DC treasures. Using a mobile app, teams will traverse Chinatown and explore Jewish history, art, and culture in our beloved metro scene. Come with your friends and a ready-made team or be adventurous and join a team of new friends when you arrive. P.S. This scavenger hunt uses a super cool app developed in Berlin, no pieces of paper and markers needed!

Expect the Unexpected!


Random acts of kindness? Yup! Food from a country you’ve never visited? Yup! Jewish Deli in DC? YUM and most definitely yup!

Wrestle with clues, discover historical sites, and compete in absurd team challenges!

Ever invented an odd job and tried to get paid for it? How about cheering on strangers for simply crossing the street? As you venture through Chinatown, we promise to show you a side of DC rarely explored!

What will YOU find?

Do you like puzzles and logic games? Do you like to dance in the streets like nobody’s watching? Synagogues become churches…and back again? Uhhh, yup! Several synagogues in DC have become churches over the decades and some have even come back to the tribe. We promise you will see the same streets you walk every day in a brand new light.

Camp Nai Nai Nai & Sixth & I believe that Jewish ritual and culture should be vibrant, relevant, and exciting. We don’t know how many clues you’ll solve, but we do know that you’ll find  a group of people who enjoy spending time together in this beautiful city of ours. “Uncover DC” is an opportunity to meet fun new people and become a part of a brand new community.


$$$, SWAG for the Winners

Why do this? First of all, everyone that shows up will get a Sixth & I tote bag, and we ALL need more tote bags for walks home from Trader Joe’s! Second, it will be a guaranteed raucous good time. Third, the winners will get exclusive and fabulous Camp Nai Nai Nai swag and 50% off registration for Camp Nai Nai Nai.


Camp Nai Nai Nai is a Jewish Summer camp for adults, taking place over Memorial Day weekend, May 25 – 28, 2018, in Waynesboro, PA (1.5 hours from DC). Camp Nai Nai Nai gives you a chance to relive the curious and courageous days of youth through spirited song sessions, creative play-shops (there’s no work at camp), color wars, festive meals, and more. This inclusive and pluralistic weekend getaway is your canvas to connect with new and old friends and recharge your city-worn spirit. Camp busses will be leaving from DC, and we would love to see you all there!


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Jew camp = DC summer internship?

Image from Covenant Harbor ... Are these kids at summer camp or at a DC internship?

As the DC summer intern season comes to an end (insert your sigh of relief here, staff Washingtonians), I can’t help but reflect on how similar this experience is to Jew camp.

Sure, DC doesn’t quite have the rustic feel of those graffiti-covered log cabins we all called our second home, but there’s still lots of parallels between the two, including: life lessons, bonding, mid-summer lulls, and making the right connections.

When I say life lessons, I’m not talking about “bunk hopping” or late-night make-out sessions at the boating lake, but the confidence and skills we learned while being away from mom and dad for those sacred summer months. Similarly, there are many lessons that we learn during our time as summer interns in DC that will stick with us throughout our adult careers, including, again, confidence and skillsets.

I don’t know what it is about Jew camp, but when you come across someone who has also gone to camp, you instantly feel the need to recollect every tradition and memory that was ever bestowed upon you at camp. Likewise, if you come across someone who has ever been an intern in DC, you swap war stories–like how many times you threw up on the red line metro that summer.

There also comes a point every summer when the daily grind becomes monotonous. At camp, this is usually when the traditional color war breaks out, distracting everyone from the fact that the staff has run out of new activities. In Washington, this also occurs but usually in the form of a crisis in the office, during which the interns get a bit of reprieve (AKA: you take two-hour lunch breaks and no one notices or cares).

At Jew camp, if get in with the “Long Island” crowd at camp, you are instantly popular.  As we say in Washington, “it’s all about who you know.” If you have an internship with a person who has an extremely long/important sounding title (usually involving many hyphens and spanning many departments), you are instantly envied by every other intern you come into contact with.

Ultimately, the camp and intern experiences are only shared, but always shared, with those who have also been part of these summer traditions.  So whether you went to Jew camp or had a DC summer internship, your experience might be over, but you’ll continue to relive it with those you meet, and you’ll continue to benefit from it.  Accordingly, this is goodnight, but not goodbye, DC summer interns.

Rachael Dubinsky is a new GTJ writer.