Jewish DC Hanukkah Guide 2018





That can only mean one thing.

It’s Hanukkah time y’all. So get ready to get lit (that pun is still clever, right?).

For those who have been counting down the days until this glorious Festival of Lights, or those who maybe totally forgot Hanukkah was happening early this year and are now debating whether re-gifting last year’s Blue Apron subscription would be socially acceptable (that’s definitely not me, okay!)…this handy-dandy Hanukkah Guide is for you!

Check out our roundup of the best Hanukkah parties, latke recipes, and menorah lightings across Jewish DC! Oh, and if we missed an awesome event – submit it here. And however you celebrate, we wish you a miraculously wonderful Hanukkah season.

NOTE: This list will be regularly updated, so please check back for new events and celebrations.

Pre-Hanukkah Events

Hanukkah Events

Sunday, December 2nd

Monday, December 3rd

Tuesday, December 4th

Wednesday, December 5th

Thursday, December 6th

Friday, December 7th

Saturday, December 8th

Sunday, December 9th

Post-Hanukkah Holiday Events

Hanukkah Recipes & Blog Inspiration


The events listed above are not sponsored or hosted by GatherDC, unless otherwise specified. GatherDC does not assume any responsibility, liability, or financial obligation to to the events listed that are not explicitly hosted by GatherDC. 

Hanukkah Guide 2015


The festival of lights is almost upon us and you know what that means…plenty of events to celebrate with the community! Gather has compiled a list of all the events going during Hanukkah. We hope to run into you at some of them! We will be updating the list as more events are sent to us so make sure to check back in.

Did we leave anything out? Submit your event here.

Friday December 4th

Saturday December 6th

Sunday December 6th

Monday December 7th

Tuesday December 8th

Wednesday December 9th

Thursday December 10th

Friday December 11th

Saturday December 12th

Sunday December 13th

Hanukkah Recipes:

FN_noodle-kugel-011_s4x3.jpg.rend.sni12col.landscape’s Noodle Kugel

An easy donut recepie for Hanukkah!

An easy donut recepie for Hanukkah!

For those who are a little more ambitious: Martha Stewart's recipe

For those who are a little more ambitious: Martha Stewart’s recipe







And you couldn’t get out of this with out a recipe for Potato Latkes!