Rabbi Stephanie Crawley

What do people call me? Rabbi, Rabbi Stephanie, Rabbi Crawley, Stephanie, Steph

Congregation: Temple Micah

Denomination: Reform

Where was I ordained? HUC-JIR

Where am I located? DC

What do I love most about my work? I love stories. I love hearing people telling their own stories, being surprised and inspired by the depth of people, and seeing how our stories connect us. I love finding ways to hear our voice in the stories of each other, and of course, of Torah. Being a rabbi means I get to share stories, join in the stories of people’s lives, and work to craft the ever-unfolding Jewish story.

How is Judaism valuable in my life? I think Judaism is counter-cultural in the coolest ways. Judaism reminds me when it is time to unplug and pause, when the rest of the world is telling me to go, go, go. The Jewish calendar punctuates my weeks and months, reminding me that life moves in cycles, not straight lines. And in an era of 3-second snapchats and 24 hour news headlines, Jewish texts and traditions root me to something that feels rooted and eternal.