Rabbi Shlomo Buxbaum

Organization: Mesorah DC

Where am I located? Rockville / Bethesda

Denomination: Outreach/Educational (Orthodox)

Where was I ordained? Aish HaTorah Jerusalem

What programs and services do I run or offer? One-on-one learning, Wednesday night “Whiskey, Wine, and Wisdom”, Music and Mysticism, Carlebach/Instructional Shabbat Services, Friday night dinners, etc.

What is my specialty within Judaism? Bringing out the meaning, relevance, spirituality, energy, vitality, and fun in Judaism. Jamming to the music of Judaism.

What is one Jewish DC event that I recommend? Friday night at the Buxbaums’! Great food and great company‚ family style!

What are my hobbies? Playing guitar, performing and singing spiritual Jewish music with other musicians and music lovers. Meeting new, creative, and interesting people. Meditating. A good L’chaim.

What is one fun fact about me? I starred in a Jewish spoof of Grease at the Denver Center for performing arts. It was called “Shmaltz”. I sang, danced, and even greased my hair!