Rabbi Sarah Tasman

What do people call me? Rabbi Sarah

Denomination: Transdenominational

Where was I ordained? Rabbinical School of Hebrew College

What do I love most about my work? I love teaching, creating transformative workshops and retreats, and working with individuals and couples around life cycle events. I teach meditation and yoga infused with Jewish wisdom, and often integrate art and expressive modalities in my classes. I love creating opportunities for interfaith couples or families and unaffiliated Jews to have positive, accessible and meaningful experiences of Judaism – be it through learning, life cycle, or a holiday gathering. I love being a community rabbi and working with the entire Jewish community.

How is Judaism valuable in my life? Judaism is a vehicle for me to find more meaning in my life – whether through offering gratitude, cultivating deeper relationships, or helping others connect to themselves and the world. When I was 12 I wanted to become the Rabbi Emeritus so I could bless our congregation with the Priestly Blessing at the end of each service and weave in words of wisdom from the Torah portion. My rabbi told me that I’d have retire first before I could be a Rabbi Emeritus. So I decided to become a rabbi and I love being a resource, a teacher, and someone who blesses others with words of Torah and our tradition.

What programs and services do I run or offer? Weddings and other Lifecycle Events, Group Learning, One on One Learning Opportunities, Shabbat Services, Couples Classes, Adult B’nai Mitzvah, Counseling, Workshops, Retreats, Yoga, Meditation, Rituals, Mikvah ceremonies