Rabbi Evan Krame


What people call you: Rabbi Evan or Rabbi Krame

Congregation: The Jewish Studio

Location: Maryland

Denomination: Post-Denominational

Ordained from: ALEPH

What do you love most about your work? Bringing creativity and meaning to life cycle events is my skill and my passion. Judaism has to be purposeful and engaging to be relevant. While I am rooted in tradition, I love the exploration of new ways of being and doing Jewish. Offering innovative services, new rituals and alternative liturgies is what I love most about my work.

How is Judaism valuable in your life? After 20 years as a lawyer and 10 years of leading services at a synagogue, I decided to add another layer to my life by pursuing the rabbinate. My life experience keeps me empathetic and has taught me how to listen well. My family and friends keep me focused on how best to serve. And the moments when it all comes together, when I have an impact improving peoples lives or inspiring repair where there is brokenness, these keep my faith in God going strong as our partner in service to creating a better world.

Programs/Services you run/offer: Weddings and other Lifecycle Events, One on One Learning Opportunities, Conversions, Shabbat Services, Holiday Services, Couples Classes, Counseling, Interfaith Marriage