Rabbi Deborah Reichmann

What people call you: Rabbi Deb

Location: DC Metro area (technically Rockville, MD)

Denomination: post-denominational/Jewish universal

Ordained from: Jewish Spiritual Leaders Institute (JSLI)

What you love most about your work: I love sharing the inclusiveness of Judaism with all people. As a Universalist Jewish Rabbi, I believe that there are many paths to being

How is Judaism valuable in your life? Judaism has been a major force in my life since childhood. Given that I had relatives in many corners of the world, and that we often didn’t share language or culture, our bonds were built on our shared Jewishness, even and maybe because it transcended geography. That sense of Judaism as a religion with many avenues of expression led me to the Jewish Universalist movement, and then to become a rabbi.

Programs/Services you run/offer: Weddings and other Lifecycle Events, Group Learning, One on one Learning Opportunities, Young Family opportunities, Adult B’nai Mitzvah