Rabbi Daniel Novick

What people call you: Daniel

Congregation: GW Hillel

Location: DC

Denomination: Conservative

Ordained from: Jewish Theological Seminary

What do you love most about your work?: I love building relationships with people to help cultivate and sustain their individual and collective Jewish identities. Every interaction, every conversation, every gathering is one that has intrinsic holiness and purpose. I love meeting people, hearing their story, connecting them to Torah and Jewish life, and working with them to create Jewish experiences.

How is Judaism valuable in your life? And/Or What lead you to your decision to become a Rabbi or Clergy member?: Our lives are busy. Our world is crazy. Judaism, to me, provides a framework and toolkit that allows me to process and make meaning of this life. Torah is my roadmap that guides me through the many questions that life offers and Jewish practice and living gives me the space and ability to navigate the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. I became a rabbi to help others access this tradition so that they, too, can make meaning out of the comfort and discomfort of life.