Rabbi Barak Bader

Pronouns: he / him / his

What people call me: Rabbi Bader

Organization: Aish Center of Greater Washington

Denomination: Orthodox

Where was I ordained? Yeshiva University

Where am I located? Maryland

What do I love most about my work? I love teaching Torah and showing the exciting parts of Judaism which are generally not taught in school. I like researching and developing unique classes which often change our understanding of Judaism and God. I also love meeting new people and building personal connections.

How is Judaism valuable in my life? It gives every moment value and allows us to live meaningful lives where we can help people and make the world better.

Why did I decide to become a rabbi? Growing up in many small towns I was often the only Jew, and I was always asked many questions about Judaism and I had my own too, but I never had a Torah resource so I began researching and learning on my own and I realized that many other people had the same questions. So I made it my life’s mission to help people discover the beauty of Judaism and be that resource that I never had.

What services do I offer? Weddings / Other Lifecycle Events, Conversions, Young Family Opportunities, Counseling, Group Learning, 1:1 Learning Opportunities, Shabbat Services, Couples Classes

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