Rabbi Amelia Wolf

Rav Amelia

Pronouns: She / Her

Organization: Congregation Etz Hayim

Denomination: Conservative

Where was I ordained? The Jewish Theological Seminary

Where am I located? Virginia

What do I love most about my work? When I’m teaching or discussing a sacred text, written hundreds to thousands of years ago, and somewhere in the discussion it becomes clear just how alive it still is in our study of it, how relevant it is, how powerful a message it has for us in our lives. Sometimes that message is nearly word-for-word the same and sometimes it has been transformed by the contemporary inheritors of Torah (us) and become clear only because someone today has decided to put a new meaning forward.

How is Judaism valuable in my life? Judaism isn’t something that happens to be valued in my life. Judaism is something we live and create and practice day to day. It’s something we do and something we think. I can’t define it’s value any more than I can define the value of waking up in the morning.

Why did I decide to become a rabbi? I spent some time studying rabbinic texts (mostly Talmud) in a Yeshiva setting and fell in love with them. However, I felt the need to take them out of the classroom, to study and teach them with the intent to build community and work with people in their day-to-day lives. At a certain point it clicked for me – that’s what rabbis do – or at least can and should do!

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