The Interfaith Families Project of Greater Washington (IFFP)

Who are we? The Interfaith Families Project of Greater Washington (IFFP) is an independent community of interfaith families and others. We are committed to sharing, learning about, and celebrating our Jewish and Christian traditions. Now in our third decade, we have grown to over 100 families from Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC, with virtual members across the country and around the world. IFFP is a place where both Jewish and Christian partners can feel like equal members of the community, celebrate and learn about both faiths. At IFFP, we “teach not preach.”

What do we offer 20s and 30s? At our organization, we offer a supportive environment for young professionals, especially for those navigating interfaith relationships. Our clergy, Rev. Samantha and Rabbi Debbie, specialize in officiating weddings for interfaith couples and celebrate the diversity that such unions bring. Additionally, we provide an informative and enriching Interfaith Couples Workshop, designed to help couples understand and embrace the dynamics of interfaith relationships. Led by our knowledgeable clergy and supported by renowned author Susan Katz Miller, this workshop aims to foster a deep appreciation for the beauty of diverse traditions within interfaith families.

For more information, find us at our website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, or email Miranda Hovemeyer here!