At SVIVAH, we believe in a multigenerational, inclusive, powerful community of Jewish women. A diverse collection of womanhood that deserves to be inspired, supported, connected, and celebrated. Because nourished women means a stronger Jewish community.

SVIVAH is of us. By us. For us.

SVIVAH defines “Jewish woman” as anyone wishing to be included in a circle of other Jewish women.

We aim to be inclusive, open-minded, and respectful of every path every woman is on. And we are glorious in our diversity. If you are interested in being part of a Jewish community of women, we welcome you fully and ask that welcome fellow sisters in the same way. We are a beautiful sisterhood — may our differences intrigue us and help us grow, while our commonalities unite us and help us flourish.

SVIVAH is committed to building a collective based on responsiveness, inclusion, and welcoming.

We are committed to affirming the value of our womanhood through our programming, our partnerships, and our organizational policies. We commit to contribute to each other’s flourishing.

SVIVAH is committed to infusing our Jewish lives with intention and meaning. We are committed to exploring our spiritual language through the varied and unique wasys women approach both community and faith. We are committed to being a purposeful community.

SVIVAH is committed to creating collective safety, allowing women to share their full selves honestly and without judgement.

SVIVAH is committed to modeling how women should be treated and how we should treat each other.

Contact: Ariele Mortkowitz