At OneTable, we help people Shabbat together. As an online and in-person community, we help people in their 20s and 30s find, enjoy and share Shabbat dinners to make the most of their Friday night and enjoy the best of life together. We make it easy for hosts to welcome people to a Shabbat dinner at home, for guests to savor a Friday meal and for all to experience unique events for Shabbat dinner out. There’s nothing better than a great dinner with people you love. Join us for slowing down, joining together, and sharing stories. Join us for new connections and moments of meaning.

OneTable as a platform that supports young Jewish community members in connecting with peers on a more intentional level. With OneTable, YJPs can find and create meaningful Friday nights with old and new friends, one social dining experience at a time.

Nourishment provided by OneTable supports hosts with getting food on and friends at the table, meaning each host can focus on elevating their Friday night for guests. OneTable Shabbat Coaches challenge and educate each host along their hosting path to ensure that all OneTable participants are learning about their own Jewish journeys.

For guests, OneTable’s platform serves as a catalog of Friday night Shabbat dinners. If a guest is new to a city or looking to make new friends, they can peruse the OneTable platform and find what suits their needs best. Hosts and guests alike are invited to take a deep breath together at the end of the week, welcoming in a time of relaxation with intention.

Contact: Jessica Layton