GatherDC Changes Name to JewishJewyJewsDC!

Big news! We know we just changed our name one year ago to GatherDC, but after more thought, we’ve decided to change our name again to JewishJewyJewsDC!
As a staff, we spent countless hours (though if we had to guess, it was probably somewhere between 1 and 3 hours) debating and arguing over the new name. It was intense. One of us even started ugly crying, but we won’t say who (because he’s embarrassed and is worried it will hurt his rabbinic standing).
Let’s just say it was bad, and consider yourself lucky that you didn’t have to see that. In the end, we compromised by picking the Jewiest word, smushing them together and sticking DC at the end of it.Yes, we know what you’re thinking: I can’t believe such a traumatic process led to such a perfect name. We know. It felt like a phoenix rising from the ashes.
Oh, speaking of ashes, we burned all of our old swag because it was no longer relevant, but we’ll be giving out our new ash swag at our next rebrand party. Bring an urn!
The JewishJewyJewsDC Staff