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How to Create a Budget that Works for You

Just like with healthy eating and exercise habits, it’s really hard to stick to a budget. That’s usually because we are trying to stick to a budget that doesn’t make sense for us. So let’s figure out how you can create a budget that will help you be financially successful. Identify your financial goals It’ll […]

Do Your Money Habits Align with Your Values?

In January, I started an intense coaching training program with the CoachDiversity Institute. (It’s so awesome!) One of the most impactful sessions was when we mapped out our top five values. Once we identified our most important values, we had to admit whether or not we are currently living true to those values. To be honest, […]

Here’s How You Should Use Your Tax Refund

It’s tax time! I know I’m probably one of the only people who gets excited about filing their taxes, but I can’t help it. I like to file as soon as I receive my W-2 (which your company is required to send to you by January 31st). It’s nice to know right away if I’m […]

How to Do Your Taxes on the Cheap

Tax season is upon us! You have until Tuesday, April 18th to file your taxes. If you’re living or working outside of the US, you have until Thursday, June 15th to file. I recommend getting an early start so you can avoid the stress of rushing against a deadline. However, if you think you’ll need […]

Why You Need an Emergency Fund

Have you ever suddenly lost your job? Or needed a surprise root canal? Perhaps your car broke down, or your refrigerator stopped working. These unexpected moments in life can put you into debt if you’re not prepared. That’s why you need an emergency savings account to protect you. What’s an emergency savings account? It’s a […]

Personal Finance Resources for Beginners

In September, I spoke at the brunch portion of Bossed Up Bootcamp here in Washington, DC. It was an honor to be able to speak to the amazing women who had gathered together to be trained on how to craft sustainable careers and happy lives. Especially because I was literally in their seat last summer. […]